Labrador eats defrosting turkey and his reaction after being discovered is priceless

Labrador lying on kitchen floor
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"Labrador eats defrosting turkey" is not your usual post-Thanksgiving headline and yet that's exactly the one doing the rounds this week after a cheeky pup decided he couldn't wait for his bird to be cooked and served.

In a hilarious TikTok video shared by @justinlitchfield1, which has been watched and commented on millions of times, a defrosting turkey can be seen sitting on Litchfield's kitchen bench with huge chunks missing from its rear end.

Captioned "So we left our turkey out to defrost and came home and its whole ass is gone", the viral video has had netizens in stitches. 

The camera moves from the mangled turkey on the bench, to one very innocent looking Labrador and finally to Litchfield who can barely contain his laughter.

TikTokers were quick to flood the clip with comments, with one user called Val saying: "He's like 'y'all that's hella who did that..." while The Labor Lawyer chimed in with: "As the dogs attorney, I've encouraged him to plead the 5th. There is no direct evidence linking him to this crime."


My dog has it coming to him. We’re just gonna let the raw turkey do it’s thing though ☠️ ##fyp ##thanskgiving ##turkey ##labrador

♬ Oh No - Kreepa

One of the hardest parts about the holidays is remembering to get the turkey out in enough time to defrost before it needs to go in the oven and Litchfield clearly thought leaving it unattended for a few hours while rock solid wouldn't be an issue, but his canine companion clearly had other ideas!

The completely naïve expression on his fur baby's face has been putting smiles on the dials of millions of people these past few days, with @2for5BeefnCheddars saying: "That dog be like 'WE'RE ALL TRYING TO FIND THE GUY WHO DID THIS", while Mario Luigi chimed in with: "He looks like he's saying 'y'all acting like I didn't leave y'all nun!"

We're not sure what happened to the half-eaten turkey once Litchfield switched the camera off. Did the family make the best of what was left or did the cheeky lab end up scoring the rest of the turkey all for himself? One thing's for sure, this is a Thanksgiving the Litchfield's will never forget!

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