Cat wearing warm compress to cure cold has Internet in stitches

Cat wearing warm compress over eyes
(Image credit: Reddit)

A viral video showing a cat wearing a warm compress over his eyes as he recovers from a cold is bringing some much-needed mid-week joy to netizens around the world who can’t get enough of the adorable moggy.

In the 14-second clip posted to Reddit and captioned “My cat got a cold and the vet recommended a warm compress for his eyes. I think he’s enjoying his spa time”, the cute kitty can be seen lying on his back wrapped in a blanket with his tongue out and a warm compress covering his eyes and forehead.

Since it was posted on the 16th of November, the short and sweet video has been viewed more than 131,000 times with over a 1,000 users flooding the comment section with love.

my_cat_got_a_cold_and_the_vet_recommended_a_warm from r/aww

Dancingeleves25 said: “You should seriously make cards or something. I would absolutely buy them. This is awesome :)”, while KP_Wrath added: “That is adorable. You could sell that and eat a chunk of Hallmark’s profits.”

Various comments indicated that more than one person would love to come back in their next life as this spoiled house cat and we can’t say we blame them - this is one kitty who has it good!

Perhaps the best response and one that definitely echoed our sentiments came from thexbigxgreen, who wrote: “My life has gotten significantly better just knowing that this gift to humanity exists in the world. Chill on, little dude. Chill on…

With eight days having passed since this video was uploaded, let’s hope this blissed-out little guy is now all fully recovered and back to living his life to the fullest - not that it looks like he minded his cat cold one bit!

Kathryn Williams
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