This video of a toddler comforting dog during a thunderstorm is winning the internet right now

toddler comforting dog during a thunderstorm
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This video of a toddler comforting dog during a thunderstorm is the heartwarming clip we didn’t realize we needed in our lives.

Not everyone is fond of thunderstorms, but pets tend to get more freaked out by them than most. Their senses are just that little bit more acute, so naturally it all seems a bit immediate to them.

Taking the internet by storm in recent weeks has been this video on Reddit, in which a young child comforts a scared-looking Golden Retriever, who is huddled up in the corner of the laundry room, having not taken too kindly to the gale blowing up outside.

this_little_guy_comforting_his_buddy_during_a from r/aww

The video garnered mixed reactions from the viewing public. Some have reacted positively, with Crazyhazo77 saying, “best thing I've seen today’, and BurritoSorceress writing, “Thunder buddies for life.”

Some, however, were more inclined to urge caution, pointing out that letting a young child near a scared dog perhaps wasn’t the best idea, with Dominoodles saying, “While it is cute, maybe not a good idea to let a small child hang all over a frightened dog.”

While we’re sure that the owners of this dog would never intentionally be reckless with the safety of their child, we’re inclined to side with some of the more cautious commenters on this one.

Even if you know your dog’s temperament, they can act unpredictably when scared, or if they feel threatened.

While the child in this video clearly only wants to comfort the dog, the dog won’t necessarily be aware of this. It could interpret the attempted embrace as a threat, and act accordingly.

Fortunately, that isn’t the case here, and what we have is a heartwarming video of a young child displaying empathy beyond their years and looking out for the family pet.

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