Dog crashes golf cart into owner's car in hilarious viral video

black dog crashes golf cart on course
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From performing tricks to knowing when we need help, our canine friends are generally a talented bunch. Turns out, however, that driving isn't a key skill. 

In a video posted to TikTok, CCTV footage captures the extraordinary moment a daring dog crashes a golf cart into the side of a family car, then coolly strolls off.

Viewed over 3 million times, the video begins with the curious pooch slowly approaching the golf cart before hopping aboard behind the wheel. After a few moments, the vehicle suddenly takes off driving in a circular motion. 

Astonishingly, the cart proceeds to head exactly in the direction of the car, bumping into its side and squashing a rubber pool in the process, before the cheeky canine casually walks away.

Fortunately, the whole incident was recorded on a nearby security camera, helping to provide proof that the bizarre collision really took place.

The video was then posted by TikToker @livingthedriftlife who wrote: "When the kids all deny crashing the new car. Good job we've got CCTV."


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In true TikTok fashion, many users flocked to the video to provide their thoughts on the proceedings. 

"This is even less believable then 'My dog ate my homework excuse', @BigZ wrote.

"I know I've just watched the video of him doing it but I still don't believe it", Harrison Taylor commented.

Many users expressed relief that the camera was there in the first place to capture the action.

"Imagine not having a camera there," wrote @roseannaita, "All the kids just looking at each other like, just admit it before we all get into trouble!"

Ashley Diane said: "I would've blamed my husband, my neighbor, and my pastor before ever thinking it was the dog." 

"Imagine having to explain that to the insurance company without CCTV to prove it," user @dogs_are_cute_2020 wrote, summarizing the thoughts of many.

The owner of the vehicle who posted the video replied: "I know right, I definitely thought it was the kids."

Let's hope this jovial car owner can claim for animal damage - 'destruction by golf cart' - on the insurance! 

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