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Calling all large dog owners! Save 34% on the Furhaven Jumbo Plus Dog Bed in the Prime Day sale

Furhaven Jumbo Plus Dog Bed
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If you've been struggling to find a bed that's big enough to hold your humongous hound you're in luck, because the Furhaven Jumbo Plus Dog Bed has been reduced from $114.99 to a cool $76.46 in the Amazon Prime Day sale (opens in new tab) - that's a 34% saving!

Our larger than life canine companions don't just require a far greater sleep surface than our smaller fur friends, their support and comfort needs are also very different due to their increased size putting pressure on their joints. That's where investing in one of the best orthopedic beds can come in handy.

The Furhaven Jumbo Plus Dog Bed features a thick and dense orthopedic foam base for maximum loft that supports the back and hips, and fluff-filled bolsters that do a wonderful job of gently cradling the head and neck. 

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Furhaven Jumbo Plus Dog Bed
RRP: $114.99 | Now: $76.46 | Save: $38.53 (34%) (opens in new tab)
Comfortable memory foam collides with super soft bolsters to create a supportive sleep surface that gently cradles your dog's joints, helping to relieve the aches and pains associated with their larger build. Available in a range of colors, the cover is machine washable to make cleaning a breeze. 

In addition to the support offered by the bolsters, the height will allow your dog to burrow into the bed, creating a sense of safety and security. The soft easy-care suede material is gentle on the nose for enhanced snuggling comfort.

Measuring 53" x 40" x 9.5", this bed is perfect for breeds that weigh up to 125 lbs (like the Great Dane), and can be used on its own or in a crate. It's available in a wide range of colors and the cover is machine washable for your convenience. 

With over 65,000 five star reviews on Amazon, the popular Furhaven Jumbo Plus Dog Bed is one that's well worth considering if you're looking for a comfortable and supportive sleep space that will leave your larger than life canine companion feeling like they're sleeping on a cloud. 

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