German Shepherd's early bird Halloween costume has everyone smiling

german shepherd halloween costume spider
(Image credit: TikTok/brandonandstorm2)

Spooky season may still be weeks away but one dog is already getting into the spirit of the occasion. A German Shepherd called Storm has been videoed wearing a cute Halloween costume – and he appears to love the spider get-up so much, he can be seen admiring himself in the toilet mirror.

Attracting more than 1.6 million likes and close to 85,000 shares on TikTok, Storm looks mightily bemused with one of the best Halloween costumes we've seen, but not as much as those watching.


spooky season is near!

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With the dog's owner brandonandstorm2 stating, “Spooking season is near!”, the comments have been rolling in. “Idk what's funnier,” wrote Ashley Stuhlman. “The dog or the fact that you're standing in the tub filming it all'.

Other comments observed how cute Storm looked with Izzy<3 writing, “I like the new hairdo”.

The account has proven to be hugely popular with 433,500 followers so far and 25.3 million likes for the dozens of videos that have been posted.

But while we fully expect to see lots of similar videos over the coming weeks given how many spooky items there are for dogs, including the best Halloween dog collars, this one definitely had us tickled.

Then again, German Shepherds are popular pets, known for being loyal intelligent and loving with a high level of confidence.

As an active and energetic breed, they also seem up for a laugh as a sizable chunk of the Internet is discovering.

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