Why you should learn how to make catnip tea for cats

A ginger cat relaxing with a cup of tea
(Image credit: Gety)

Want to please your moggie? Learning how to make catnip tea for cats is something we would highly recommend doing. Beyond being something renowned for making your cat as high (and happy) as a kite, it is clear that there are other health benefits to it. Indeed, there’s a huge range of catnip toys on the market that are testament to its popularity.

Although there are some owners that ask “Is catnip bad for cats?” there are numerous sources that report some previously unforeseen benefits including mosquito repulsion and reduced anxiety, so catnip tea can be viewed as a health supplement as well as being easier to ingest for your cat.

Making it is easy: you simply mix two teaspoons of catnip leaves in a mug of boiling water, add honey and stir, before leaving to cool. They probably won’t try any if it’s too hot, after all.

As well as giving them a less messy way to ingest the catnip (while we like seeing their reactions to it, we are rather less enamored with the manner in which they leave it strewn over the floor of our apartment), the tea can be used to cure some specific cat maladies too. According to Healthline, catnip tea can be used in the treatment of arthritis and coughs, as well as various types of fevers and viruses.

Moreover, it has been used to treat nervousness, indigestion and insomnia, along with various gastrointestinal conditions. While we wouldn’t go as far as to call it ‘medicine’, it is clear that taking it can help your cat feel better, should they be suffering from something.

Be warned, however: trying to coax your cat into drinking it may not be easy. Some cats will be suspicious of it at first, as it won’t smell like regular water, and may dip their paw in it or leave the room before going back to it.

Persist, however, and you could have an easy-to-make and timeless treat for your cat. If it’s a success, you could also try our recipe for catnip soup.

Steve Wright

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