Man builds special door for his sick dog following tragic mistake that nearly cost his pet's life

man builds cabin door for his dog
(Image credit: TikTok / @cabinfruit)

A pet parent has shared how he painstakingly built a special cabin door for his dog to return to after becoming racked with guilt at accidentally feeding him corn on the cob, which led to his dog nearly losing his life. 

TikTok user Lorenzo, known as @cabinfruit, posted a video on his page warning other pet owners about the dangers of the common vegetable after he tossed scraps into his dog Myles' bowl. 

 “As a young dog owner, Myles would destroy anything in his mouth - bones, shoes, corn cobs," he explained. 

"Later in life as an experienced dog owner I had heard corn cobs were bad for them, I told myself wow Myles is a tank guess we were lucky, but that was a few years ago and I forgot. My dog was older and didn’t chew bones or anything up anymore so I didn’t think twice when I tossed veggies scraps into his bowl."

Tragically, the corn did have a detrimental effect on his pet when a few weeks later, the seemingly harmless snack caused a bowl obstruction. His beloved pet then later developed systemic inflammatory response syndrome, a rare condition similar to sepsis in humans.


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"I feel horrendously guilty. Don’t ever give your dog corn cobs. It’s widely assumed safe and it’s not. Please send Myles healing vibes,” the distraught pet owner wrote, all while throwing his efforts into a special project to welcome his sick dog home.

As his dog recovered from multiple surgeries in order to prevent organ failure, Lorenzo began to build a custom door on the ground level of his cabin especially for his best friend.

"I really want Myles to come home and come through it," he told his followers.


This has been really hard, ongoing, with so many ups and downs. Hundreds of miles driven. We are exhausted, but we still have hope for a beautiful ending to this story of the dog and the door. Please pray, meditate, send vibes, or light a candle for Myles this weekend. This is it. We need a miracle. He deserves a miracle.

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Fortunately, the sorrowful tale had a happy ending when Myles finally returned home after three trips to an emergency vets and two surgeries, and finally walked through his special door. 


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"At age 15 and after two weeks of fighting my strong boy is back home... without the support here I’d have given up sooner," Lorenzo wrote.

The dedicated pet parent also shared his plans for the cabin's future. 

"I’ll be finishing off the door fully soon and building some sorta deck, this one is temporary just for him, so stay tuned as we both heal and keep on keeping on."

To follow his progress, and keep up to date with Lorenzo and Myles, you can visit their TikTok account. 

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