Man builds luxury dog cabin for his Border Collie in the backyard and goes into business

luxury diy dog cabins
(Image credit: K9 Cabins)

Some dogs just have it all. One lucky pooch is the proud owner of a seriously luxe dog cabin designed by her talented human dad.

In a video that has been shared across the Internet, Maya the happy Border Collie can be seen enjoying her wooden hideout in the backyard complete with roof, a log cabin layout, a window to look out of and even a pawsitively posh balcony in which to gaze across the greenery, just up from the stairs.

A custom-build just for her, the construction was originally built when her owner David Connolly had a few weeks off work. Fortunately for this lucky pup, Connolly's job happened to be the owner of a fencing decking business, arming him with exactly the right skills and tools for the job. 

And what a creation it is. As well the overt features seen clearly in the video, the luxury dog cabin also has a few extra amenities.

There's a red letter box on the fence for any doggy post, not to mention an insulated floor, porch, night light and a small heater. The cabin itself is raised off the ground to a height that suits her so she can see and socialize with her neighbors. 

dog cabin

(Image credit: Fencing Decking Specialists)

When it's raining, you'll find this adorable pooch sitting inside the cabin, looking out of the window with her very own duvet. Connolly even gave the magnificent miniature house a stain finish in a pretty pine color to better withstand the weather. Here's one owner that's thought of everything! 

Including turning the concept into a new business, as it turns out. The savvy craftsman has since launched K9 Kabins which creates unique handcrafted, fully customisable homes for your furry friends so if you like what you see, you can get one for your pooch too!

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