Vets perform life-saving op to save massive Mastiff’s puppy

A new born mastiff puppy
(Image credit: Future)

It’s always an exciting time to welcome a new pup, and for Ringo the Mastiff, it’s even more special. 

At first glance, Ringo looks like a beast. And at six-and-a-half years old, he weighs an incredible 218 lbs in the winter and 205 lbs in the summer. But apart from his love of swimming upstream and pulling weights, Ringo is a loving ‘daddy’. 

His proud owner Joe Thompson, who has three English Mastiffs, is on a mission to create a legacy. “My boys are some of the most wanted studs on the planet. They’re tall and massive,” he shares, “Ringo has been like a best friend, and part of studding was to preserve Ringo’s line.”

When Joe’s father fell ill with cancer, he wanted an offspring from Ringo to help his dad walk and be motivated. After meeting fellow breeders, Connie Marie Krebs and Deb Jones, they arranged for Ringo to breed with their dog Kimber. 

However, all didn’t go as well as they had hoped. First, the litter hadn’t developed well, and they would be expecting only one singleton. In addition, Kimber’s progesterone levels were so high that it would be dangerous to have a caesarean birth. On the advice of Dr Carpenter, Ringo and Kimber had to return the following day to do more tests. 

Fortunately, Kimber’s levels were fine to proceed with a caesarean birth, and surrounded by her pet parents and friends, Kimber and Ringo became parents to a pup named Jude. In fact, Jude has a rather unusual, formal name, “The puppy’s name is going to be Starrs of Thunder run a Jude,” states Deb, “that will be the formal name. Jude is the daily name.” 

Well, that will certainly leave a pawsome, first impression.

Cynthia Lawrence

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