Meet London’s biggest dog who’s so huge he gets mistaken for a cow!

Diego the Great Dane, London's biggest dog
(Image credit: @diegodogaouk/Instagram)

Take a stroll through England’s capital city and you just might bump into London’s biggest dog, a black and white Great Dane named Diego who is so huge that he often gets mistaken for a cow.

Standing over six-feet-tall when he’s on his hind legs and weighing 15 stone, Diego is hard to miss, which can make getting around London a time consuming process for his owner Carlos, who is often stopped by doggy fans who are keen to interact with him and Diego.

Thankfully, Carlos has come up with a unique solution to that problem, investing in a  motorbike and sidecar that lets him and Diego ride around the capital in style. Diego even has his own pair of dog goggles to stop dirt and dust from getting in his eyes.

Carlos had always wanted a dog, but it took him 17 years to convince his wife Ellie, who is terrified of them, that getting one would be a good idea. Finally, in 2015, she gave in and the pair welcomed Great Dane Diego into their family. 

While it may have taken some time for Carlos to wear Ellie down, he fears he’s done such a good job that he may no longer be top dog in her heart these days. “If I asked her to choose between me or Diego, Diego would stay,” he says.

Over the past six years, Diego and Carlos have become inseparable, with Diego accompanying his owner everywhere he goes, including on the Tube, and into pubs and restaurants. And the gentle giant is so docile that locals never have a problem with him being around.

In fact, he’s so popular that The Bike Shed, a motorcycle club in London’s East End, loves him so much that he’s the first dog to ever become a Gold Member. "When we go there, it says on the table: 'This table is reserved for Diego and his human," Carlos says.

While Carlos is grateful for all the love that Diego receives, he says it can make life a little hectic, with people often wanting to stop and take their photo, and children having lots of questions about the dog they often mistake for a cow.

And it’s not just the general public that adore Diego and want to spend time with him, Carlos says that he’s even been stopped by the police, not for any traffic violation but just because they wanted a photo with the famous pooch.

But, at the end of the day, Carlos wouldn’t have his life any other way. "If you want to meet people and make friends, walk a Great Dane in London." 

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