Meet the bazooka Dutch Shepherd dog trained in Jiu-Jitsu

Dutch Shepherd dog Ozzy jumping up on owner Erin
(Image credit: YouTube/Beastly)

If dogs with a bite as big as their bark make you break out in a nervous sweat, then Dutch Shepherd dog Ozzy is one canine you’ll want to steer well clear of. While he may be loving and loyal to those in his inner circle, it’s this devotion that makes this fierce personal protection dog want to do whatever it takes to defend those he cares about.

A cousin of the German Shepherd, the Dutch Shepherd shares the same intelligent temperament and strong work ethic that makes it an ideal watchdog. Young Ozzy may still be a kid in dog years, but inside he’s all grown up with the heart of a 


“Ozzy is two years old and he weighs about 95 pounds,” explains his owner Erin Leisen. “He’s 100% not a pet, he’s a personal protection dog. Ozzy’s a bazooka.” Leisen and Ozzy spend a large portion of their time with expert dog trainer Mike Jones, who owns Primal Canine. 

“I’ve always been training dogs and been around dogs,” says Jones. “The big thing for me was just continuously learning how to communicate with the dogs. I started Primal Canine seven years ago and it’s snowballed since then. Within the last eight to nine years, I’ve been training roughly 50 dogs a month.”

When Ozzy is with Jones the two largely focus on muzzle and sleeve work, it’s a job that the reserved trainer says isn’t for everyone and one he takes seriously. “This type of training is extremely dangerous. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been hurt.” 

Jones is quick to praise the fierce Dutch Shepherd dog, stating that he’s both the hardest dog he’s ever worked with and the one with the highest level of technical ability, which is why he’s being trained in such an advanced way. 

“What I’m essentially teaching him is combat sports,” he explains. “I’m teaching him Jiu-Jitsu, I’m teaching him how to fight a human being in the most efficient, most technical way.”

While Ozzy is a protector dog through and through, Leisen can’t imagine her life without him. “Ozzy’s crazy, he’s awesome though if you know him and you’re in his inner circle. If you’re one of the people he knows and loves, you’re in and you’re good for life.”

As for Jones, it’s clear there’s nothing else in the world he’d rather be doing. “I started dog training to improve their lives and provide all that information. That’s my goal and I don’t see us stopping any time soon.”

Kathryn Williams
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