Nerf Cat catnip blaster shoots out your feline's favorite treats

nerf cat catnip blaster
(Image credit: Getty Images / Nerf)

If you're looking to give your lazy feline a bit of workout, then prepare to rejoice at the very sight of the Nerf Cat Catnip Blaster.

The latest launch from everybody's favorite childhood toy brand takes the concept of firing foam darts, discs or balls to a whole new level by letting you load the toy blaster with catnip discs instead.

The idea is sure to be a smashing hit with pet owners seeking out the best cat toys to enjoy with their furry friends, but it's actually designed with your cat's natural instincts in mind.

Not only can you load it with cat treats, but the blaster also features a built-in laser that projects red LED light to create even more of a chase that's perfect for kittens and for older cats who love to play.

If you find that your cat is particularly prone to zoomies, then you'll be delighted with the range on this toy. The blaster can shoot catnip discs about 10 feet in the air, which is sure to result in more than its fair share of hilarious moments, particularly if your kitty is used to living in your home without paying their dues. Now, your cat will most definitely have to work for their treats!

Not to mention that if you have dogs in your household too, you can always pick up a Nerf dog tennis ball blaster as well for twice the fun.

If you love the idea, you can pick it up over on the Petco website for around $14.99 for a pack of three, so you're sure to be stocked up for when your cat is ready for action.

Ashleigh Gibbs
Digital Editor

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