Never miss a moment with 30% off the Furbo Dog Camera in the Prime Day sale

Furbo Dog Camera
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If you've been looking for a way to converse with your pup when you're out and about then look no further than the Furbo Dog Camera, which right now is down from $210.00 to $147.00 in the Amazon Prime Day Sale - that's an impressive 30% saving!

One of the best pet cameras that money can buy, the Furbo is packed full of great features that will let you see and talk to your pet, plus toss treats, from absolutely anywhere. 

Furbo Dog Camera
RRP: $210.00 | Now: 147.00 | Save: $63.00 (30%)

Furbo Dog Camera
RRP: $210.00 | Now: 147.00 | Save: $63.00 (30%)
Keep an eye on your pup when you're out and about with this sophisticated pet camera from Furbo. With two-way audio and treat tossing, it also features new color night vision and auto dog tracking, so you can watch what your fur friend is up to without any blind spots.

The Furbo has garnered quite the fan base over the years and it's not hard to see why. With many of our canine companions suffering from separation anxiety when they're away from their humans, a pet camera can be a great way to stay connected until you're able to be reunited. 

Featuring a 360-degree rotating view for full room coverage, the Furbo comes with stunning 1080P full HD video quality with 4x zoom as well as color night vision so you can see exactly what your fur friend is up to once darkness descends.

We're huge fans of the auto dog tracking feature, a new addition to the Furbo, which means the camera will turn and track your pup as they move about the room without any blind spots. 

You'll find all the old and popular features are still present in the upgraded design of the Furbo, including two-way audio and treat tossing, so you can talk to your pet while you're out and about and dish out a tasty snack or two while you're at it. 

There's also the option of signing up to the Furbo Dog Nanny subscription which gives you a lot of useful bonus features, such as real-time smart alerts that let you know if your beloved bundle of fluff is barking or running around the house, cloud recordings that back up all those event-triggered video clips so you can rewatch them, and Doggie Diary, where Furbo captures your pup's most adorable moments and creates 60-second highlight videos.

Easy to set up, the Furbo connects to your home WiFi and is compatible with Alexa. 

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