Bo the Obama dog sadly passes away after battling cancer

Former First Dog Bo greets Obama on the White House steps
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The Obama family are mourning the death of their ‘first dog’ Bo who passed away on Saturday after a battle with cancer. He was aged 12.

In a string of heartfelt tributes from the Obamas’, the former President announced on social media, “Our family lost a true friend and loyal companion. For more than a decade, Bo was a constant, gentle presence in our lives—happy to see us on our good days, our bad days, and every day in between.” Michelle Obama also posted, “We said goodbye to our best friend.”

The black and white Portuguese water dog joined the family in 2009. He was gifted to their two daughters, Malia and Sasha, from the former Senator Ted Kennedy and wife Victoria not too long after Obama’s first inauguration. He was given the name, Bo, after Michelle Obama’s father. 

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Since then, Bo has played an integral role in the family and as a much-loved, White House pet. In fact, during his time as ‘first dog’, Bo became so popular that Michelle Obama had to send out a memo each month to approve his official appearances! Michelle also stated that Bo was a “constant, comforting presence” in their lives, and had even helped the couple adjust to life after their daughters, Malia and Sasha, left the family home to attend university. 

"He was exactly what we needed and more than we ever expected”, Barack tweeted, “We will miss him dearly."

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