Pit Bull service dog Pirate is helping his mom heal from PTSD

Pit Bull service dog Pirate and his mom Asha
(Image credit: @piratepitbull/Instagram)

A Pit Bull service dog might not be something you see every day and yet that’s exactly the role that rescue pup Pirate has taken on as he helps his mom recover from PTSD. 

Advocating for bully breeds one smile at a time, Pirate has accrued quite the following on social media with over 150,000 fans checking out his Instagram account each day to catch a glimpse of his sweet smile.

But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Pirate and his mum Asha, with the pair encountering a lot of ignorant comments from people who feel that Pirate isn’t suitable to be a service dog.

“I’m tired of the unfair stigma that surrounds Pit Bulls,” Asha explains. I’m shocked at how much hatred people hold for them.” 


♬ original sound - Pirate the Pit Bull

Whether it’s hurtful remarks on her social media pages or verbal abuse when she and Pirate visit the local dog park, Asha says that having to defend her decision to adopt her much-loved canine companion only adds to the stress she is already under.

“Pirate is my Psychiatric Service Dog. He is task trained to help alleviate my PTSD from early sexual assault. Having to defend him and our lives can be very triggering, and takes a toll on my mental health.”

While Asha finds the ongoing negativity difficult to deal with, her love for Pirate has encouraged her to keep sharing their story on social media in the hope it might help educate the public on just what wonderful service dogs Pit Bulls make.

“I remind myself that my Pit Bull is capable, intelligent and loyal. He saves me every day. And he deserves the same respect back. Pit Bulls are losing their lives purely because of a stereotype. There may be some hard days, but I vow to continue to use this account to educate, advocate and celebrate all Pit Bull type dogs. Let’s be their voice!”

In a post shared to social media on Mother’s Day, Asha shared a series of sweet clips of her and Pirate and explained that becoming Pirate’s mom was the best thing that ever happened to her. “I finally have everything I’ve ever wanted,” she says.


♬ original sound - Pirate the Pit Bull

And while Asha and Pirate have received their share of negative comments, those that love and understand Pit Bulls have been quick to show their support.

“You are both very lucky to have each other. You rescued him and he rescued you right back,” writes one user, with another adding “They truly are the best! Unconditional love, loyalty and friendship.”

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