Planning on taking a plane trip with your cat? This trainer’s travel routine will help ensure things run smoothly

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Do you travel with your cat? Many of us will travel with our pets at one time or another, whether it’s for a vacation, to move house, or just to visit loved ones. 

You might know how to travel with a dog, or perhaps you’ve never traveled with a pet at all, so what should you know when it comes to traveling with a cat? Apart from bringing some of the best cat toys with you, of course! 

Well, cat behaviorist Albert Colominas of OutdoorBengal has offered some advice in a recent Instagram post, to help you plan your next trip with your kitty!

“Reflecting on our trips, the thing that stressed me the most when traveling with Mia was dealing with her litter box routine,” Colominas explains. “Then I learned about the other issues like leaving or entering countries or even training her how to be comfortable on her carrier.”

He outlines a formula he always follows when traveling with Mia, which involves planning ahead, ensuring that she’s trained and comfortable, making sure he has all the gear he needs, and being prepared to adapt and change plans if needed.

Three months before traveling with a cat, he recommends updating your cat’s vaccinations, and microchipping them if they don’t already have one, and then buying tickets and securing your cat’s place in the cabin two months before. One month before you go, Colominas advises checking all the paperwork you’ll need.

To ensure that your trip continues to go smoothly, he adds, “Don’t let your cat escape! Find a cat harness that gives you peace of mind and allows you to go past airport security.”

As for Mia’s litter box routine, he explains that he’ll give Mia the chance to use her portable litter box before a flight, will take her to the plane bathroom during the flight, and will let her use her litter box as soon as they land, too. 

He explains, “This routine has made our travels much smoother, and Mia seems more relaxed knowing she has a comfortable place to go when she needs it. It’s a simple solution, but it has made a world of difference in our flying experiences.”

Making sure you’re prepared before the flight actually comes around will help you make the journey with your feline friend a lot smoother. Traveling with a cat might sound daunting, whether you’re doing it for the first time or you haven’t done it for a while, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

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