Adorable pup takes on role of therapy dog caring for elderly lady

Jade the volunteer therapy dog
Jade the volunteer therapy dog (Image credit: Reddit: u/AssCalipers)

Dogs really are man's best friend, or in this case, an old women's best friend! One Reddit user – curiously named AssCalipers – posted about the adorable relationship their one-year-old 35lb Mini Aussie/Shiba mix, Jade, has with an old lady that the original poster has never met – and it's the sweetest thing ever.

"I've had her since she was 8 weeks old, and she almost literally hasn't left my side since," AssCalipers explains.

"Except for daily when she goes to her second home."

The OP continues to explain how their pup has struck up an unlikely friendship with an old lady, and they've never even met her.

"My girlfriend manages a home health care place. For as long as I've known her, she has been visiting a client that she's grown fond of and cooks her breakfast and dinner. Some time within the past year, this old woman's dog died on the anniversary of her husband's death. It obviously wrecked her."

"A month or two ago, I offered to let my girlfriend bring Jade over to that client's house."

Of course, the woman was ecstatic to have the opportunity to snuggle with a pooch again, and Jade has effectively become the lady's therapy dog:

"She brought my dog with her and the old lady and Jade fell in love with each other. Jade has gone both morning and night every day since. Apparently Jade recognizes that she's old and fragile and is deliberately gentle."

 "She and Jade eat breakfast and dinner together. She bought Jade what sounds like a mountain of toys. When we say "Jade, wanna go to Mrs. Riddle's house?", she jumps and squeals and zoomies about. The client said something to the effect of her life has meaning again."

"My sweetheart spends so much time away from me, essentially being a therapy dog for someone I do not know, and I find that awesome."

Other Reddit users share AssCalipers delight, with shortnsweet33 commenting, "I love this so much, and its awesome that you guys are sharing the joy that Jade brings to you with someone who sounds like they really needed it." 

"Dogs seem to know what people need sometimes, and it sounds like Jade realized that Mrs. Riddle could use some extra love and happiness! Give Jade some scritches for me and tell her she's 1000% in the good girl club!"

hopelesscaribou commented: "I love how they recognize frailty. My brother's RottiexLab was an absolute rambunctious, powerful AH of a dog with everyone, boundless energy and strength even as a senior now and jumpy af. But when he ran to my mom when she was weak with cancer, he stopped dead in his tracks and just gently put his head on her. He knew. Thank you and thank Jade for me."

telmereth1986 shared their own tale of how special dogs' relationship with humans in need really is: "That really is the sweetest thing. It was a really generous suggestion of yours and by the sounds of it Jade loves her second life too!

"A friend of mine has a big, dumb, smiley Labrador who accidentally became part of a group for disabled adults and their carers. They were out for a walk and the doggo (Rosie) must have heard voices or smelled biscuits or something and just wandered right in to the hall! By the time my friend caught up she was sat by the side of a lady in a wheelchair grinning from ear to ear and enjoying the fuss. Now she goes every week!"

As if we needed another reason to love our canine friends!