Queen Elizabeth's new dog Lissy the Cocker Spaniel breaks with Corgi tradition

Queen Elizabeth's new dog Lissy the Cocker Spaniel has broken with her long-standing Corgi tradition
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The royal litter has expanded with the arrival of Queen Elizabeth’s new dog. Meet four-year-old Lissy the Cocker Spaniel. 

Despite being listed under the pedigree name of Wolferton Drama, the royal pup has been lovingly named Lissy, after Queen Elizabeth II. 

The addition of the award-winning pooch to her current pack of three - two Corgis and a Dorgi (a Dachshund and Corgi cross) - has meant that she broke the year-long ban she set herself when it came to introducing any new royal dogs. And Lissy isn’t any old Cocker Spaniel either. 

This perfect pup recently won the title of the 91st Kennel Club Cocker Spaniel Championship. Beating 38 other worthy competitors, this makes Lissy Queen Elizabeth’s very first gundog champion.

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Queen Elizabeth has raised 14 generations of Corgi during her lifetime, with her very first Corgi - which she named Susan - being gifted to her by her father on her 18th birthday. Although it’s unknown just how many Corgis the Queen has had, royal confidantes are believed to have revealed that she prefers this breed as a result of their untamed spirit and energy.

Seeing her dogs as ‘family’, it’s said that the Queen made the decision to stop breeding her Corgis after two of them - Willow and Whisper - died in 2018, for the simple reason that she didn’t want to leave any of them behind when she died.

It’s been reported that the Queen, who celebrated her Platinum Jubilee on 6th February (marking 70 years since she ascended the throne to become Queen Elizabeth II), was inspired by Lupo - a Cocker Spaniel who was the beloved family pet of Prince William and Kate, and sadly died in 2020.

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