Rottweiler dad meets puppies for the first time in adorable video

Rottweiler dad meeting puppies for first time
(Image credit: TikTok / @vonfreitasrotties)

It’s a proud moment in any new father’s life: meeting their child for the first time. If some of you were left in any doubt that pets can experience the same emotions, then you would be severely wrong, at least judging by this TikTok video. 

Filmed by TikTok user @vonfreitasrotties, the page is already a mecca for Rottweiler lovers, with multiple videos showing the breed.

More recently, one of the dogs gave birth to a litter of puppies, with a number of videos already being dedicated to them.

While they are all utterly adorable, it's the video showing the loving pooch meeting his children for the first time that has captured the hearts of netizens everywhere. 

Filmed with the caption, ‘Dad meets his baby boys for the first time. PRICELESS REACTION!’, it's clear that this doting father is utterly overjoyed, nuzzling and licking the new puppies, who themselves seem pleased to have such an attentive dad.


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As you would expect, the reaction from the numerous commenters has been a highly positive one. 

Amid all the emojis and messages of joys have been comments like ‘Awww I’ve been looking for a Rottweiler for my mom but those puppies are absolutely adorable’, with another one saying, ‘Thank you for posting this video!! It just melts my heart!! You can just feel the love that Dad has for his babies!!!’

Others have been asking whether the TikTok user in question has any intention of selling the puppies. While we haven’t heard an answer yet to affirm either way, we’re sure that there will be many people willing to get in line.

Currently, this video has over 2.4 million views, with nearly 155,000 having liked the video, thus highlighting its popularity. We’re sure that there will be plenty more where they came from.

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