Pet owners share the most selfish thing their dog has done - and it’s hilarious

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In a recent Reddit discussion, users have revealed the shenanigans of their favorite furry friends in what some may think is a bid to find the world’s most selfish dog.

It all starts with a post from user u/Icy-Reflection-931, who shared that their dog “fully pretended to fall and injure herself on her long line in our yard while I was eating lunch on the porch… limped around the yard just long enough for me to run to her to see what was wrong and then she BOLTED on the porch and snatched 5 pizza rolls at lightning speed."

According to the OP, though, "She was never even injured, just pulling a fast one on me”.

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Another user, who goes by the name of WillingWeepow, had their entry ranked very highly: “I used to have a job where my dog was able to come into the office with me every day. We had twice-weekly meetings where we’d pull our chairs into a circle."

"My dog, who never missed an opportunity for attention, loved to lie on her back right in the middle of the circle, all four legs akimbo, and squeak her loudest toy over whoever was trying to talk.”

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One of the cheekiest canines in the thread proved that they were incredibly cunning, too.

“Mine loves to steal my spot if I get up off the couch. So I get up and grab a protein bar and come back and she’s curled up where I was sitting."

"I toss the bar on the couch next to her and give her a pat on the butt and say “ok shove over” and she gets up, grabs the protein bar in her mouth and tossies it across the room. Then eyeballs me as she slowly walks away and lays down in the corner”, user CountKristopher shared. 

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But, dogs don’t get any more selfish than this next pup. 

Live-Eye explained how their dog “pretends like he didn’t get his evening treat if he thinks one of us doesn’t know the other one already gave it to him."

"He never asks for a second treat when we’re all together the whole time, but if he gets us alone and thinks we don’t know he already got it from the other person, he does his whole routine over again trying to remind us it’s time for his treat. Such a sneaky boy!”

We’d love to know - what’s the most selfish thing your dog has ever done?

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