Willem Dafoe hosts the SNL Badminster Dog Show, live from the Cujo arena!

The stars of the SNL Badminster dog show
(Image credit: Saturday Night Live/YouTube)

It’s hard to decide who is more worthy of attention watching the SNL Badminster Dog Show - the pups themselves or the stellar Willem Dafoe in his hosting debut. 

Either way, the five-minute sketch that saw a range of comedians riffing off the Westminster Dog Show, will likely have you laughing out loud as you’re introduced to a range of pups and their various quirks.

Co-hosting with Willem Dafoe (who goes by the name Judas Chrysler) is the actress Aidy Bryant who plays the role of Miriam Jeans. The cast is rounded out by Kate MicKinnon and Punkie Johnson, who act as the Judges Bosworths, a couple that run a dog ranch that walks a thin line between rescue center and hoarding place.

The sketch uses a variety of pet dog archetypes to highlight our canine companions' quirks and the great lengths that owners will go to to keep their beloved four-legged friends happy.

First up, from the ‘shaky dog group’, is Luna, a small dog who’s afraid of everything from the Netflix startup sound to pineapples of all things. Second to take to the stage, from the ‘mean group’, but looking anything but, is a Beagle called Pigeon.

“Pigeon is a sexual predator, who has been banned from every dog park in the state of Maryland,” explains Dafoe. “The vet called him ‘not welcome here’ and the groomer called him ‘manipulative’,” Bryant chimes in.

Of course, it would be easier to take all this seriously if it weren’t for the fact that Pigeon can’t stop licking his owner's face throughout the few minutes he’s on stage!

Following hot on Pigeon’s heels is Blueberry, a Dachshund from the non-walking group, although getting the tiny pup out on stage is difficult given his love of standing still. 

Finally, we meet Gizmo, a Chihuahua from the ‘medical group’ who gets pushed towards the judges in a stroller. “Gizmo has bad feet, bad skin, bad teeth, bad anal glands and a bad brain, the total package,” Bryant explains with a bright smile on her face. 

So, which of these four dogs took home the ‘golden bathroom trash’ trophy? You’ll have to go watch to find out!

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