New Walter the cat commercial from Chevrolet set to be huge winter hit

Image from new Walter the cat commercial
(Image credit: Chevrolet/YouTube)

Get set to laugh out loud with this new Walter the cat commercial that's shaping up to be yet another hit for Chevrolet as they promote their 2022 Silverado. 

Last summer we saw Walter the cat become the unofficial mascot of the Olympics as he filled the ad breaks with his cute antics, which saw him chasing cats up trees, herding cattle and collecting firewood.

This winter, the cat that thinks he’s a dog is back in another adorable 60-second ad that begins with him bringing his owner his lead while he sits reading the newspaper inside their snowy cabin in the woods.

“You want to go out Walter?” he says before signaling for his feline friend to hop up into their Chevy Silverado. As they hike across snow-capped mountains, Walter’s owner can be heard telling the energetic kitty to pace himself.

After playing a game of ice hockey together, Walter and his human parent hit up the local shop for supplies before the tabby lifts his leg to a fire hydrant. Upon returning home, the local mail carrier comes by to deliver a package, which sees Walter sprinting off down the driveway to warn him off. 

As he meows ferociously and takes off in pursuit of the poor man, his owner rushes after him in a desperate attempt to rescue him. “No, no, no, no, no Walter, he’s a civil servant!!” 

But after leading a pack of huskies across the snow, Walter shows his soft side when he comes across a distressed skier trapped in the snow and begins digging to try to set him free.

“That’s incredible” the trapped skier breathes as he watches Walter dig. But thinking he’s talking about the Chevy Silverado, Walter’s car-proud owner starts telling the skier all about what his beast of a vehicle is capable of. 

When the skier tries to clarify that he was talking about the cat, Walter’s owner says with great exasperation “It’s like nobody’s seen a cat before,” before giving the man a hand and pulling him out of the snow.

You’ll have to watch and be the judge, but we have a feeling that this latest Walter the cat offering is sure to be another huge hit for Chevrolet.   

Kathryn Williams
Freelance writer

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