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Everything you need to know about Channing Tatum's dog

A scene from Channing Tatum's dog film showing him in the bath with pup
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Channing Tatum’s dog stole the show when the actor introduced his new puppy to his Instagram followers back in October 2020. And it turns out the star has his new film to thank for inspiring him to take the plunge and welcome little Rook into his family.

We reckon it would be almost impossible to spend months filming a movie about a man and his canine companion and not want to rush out and adopt your own, so it came as no surprise to hear that Tatum only made it halfway through shooting his soon to be released Netflix film ‘Dog’ before he adopted Rook.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the adorable Dutch Shepherd, plus we fill you in on what you can expect when Tatum’s latest offering ‘Dog’ hits our screens next month.

Welcome home Rook

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Describing him as a ‘little savage’, Tatum took to social media in October 2020 to introduce the latest addition to his family, 12-week-old Rooklin, or Rook for short. 

“This is the newest member of the Tatum tribe,” the actor said in a caption that accompanied a series of sweet snaps. “Meet “Rook” or “Rooklin” 12 week old Dutch Shepard! He’s gonna be a goon.” 

From sad endings to new beginnings

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Choosing to adopt Rook wasn’t an easy decision for Tatum who was still grieving the death of his beloved dog Lulu, a Pit Bull Catahoula mix who he shared with ex-wife Jenna Dewan.

Dying from cancer in December 2018, Tatum shared a beautiful photo of the two running through the surf, which he captioned with the words “I’ll see you again baby girl. But you’ll always be with me. Always.”

While he wasn’t sure if he’d be open to having another dog, Tatum says that something magical happened when his eyes met Rook’s and he knew he was meant to adopt him.

And Cutie makes two

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What’s better than one Dutch Shepherd we hear you ask? Well, two of course! Shortly after adopting Rook, Tatum also welcomed Cutie, a dog he describes as “the sweetest tiny flyer cuddle bug that is perfect for our home.”

Cutie has already undergone extensive training so she can also act as a protection dog, helping to keep Tatum and Dewan’s daughter Everly safe when the actor isn’t home. And if this photo is anything to go by, when she’s not busy guarding her family, Cutie is pretty darn keen on her sparkles!

The filming of Dog

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Okay, so granted, it’s not the most exciting of names, but the film Dog makes up for its rather pedestrian title with 90 minutes of fun-filled adventure in a feel-good comedy about an army ranger who’s tasked with bringing a Belgian Malinois military working dog down the Pacific Coast to attend her handlers funeral.

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