Stranded dog and owner rescued by lifeboat volunteers

Dog with an RNLI flag
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A dog and their owner had to be rescued by a lifeboat after they got stranded on rocks in a beach town in the UK.

Just after 5am on Saturday (June 29) the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) dispatched a lifeboat after receiving reports of a female dog walker stuck on rock armor in the small beach town of Rhos on Sea.

The RNLI said that she became stranded after her dog ran off onto the rocks, forcing her to chase after them. When she realized that they were surrounded by water, she began shouting for help. Despite strong winds, the lifeboat was able to reach the pair at 5.30am. The woman had minor cuts and bruises after the ordeal.

In a statement on Facebook, a spokesperson for the RNLI said: “The incoming tide can catch so many people out.

"The woman this morning had noticed she was in trouble, knew that the rock armor that she was on wouldn't become fully submerged and made the right decision to call for help rather than attempting to self-rescue."

Both the woman and her dog were taken on board the lifeboat and brought to shore, with the Llandudno Coastguard then taking over their care.

Many dogs love going to the beach and playing and swimming in the water (here are 32 ways your dog benefits from swimming!), but safety should always come first. While accidents do happen – the woman rescued by the RNLI would not have foreseen her dog running off onto the rocks, for example – there are things we can do to reduce the risk of an incident occurring.

Tips for staying safe at the beach

  • Always keep an eye on your dog while they’re in the water
  • Use a harness and long leash (like this one on Amazon) to help you keep your pup out of trouble
  • Look out for signs warning of unsafe waters
  • Check tide times to avoid getting stranded
  • Try to deter your dog from drinking seawater – a few mouthfuls are unlikely to do more than give them an upset stomach, but the consumption of larger volumes can cause seizures
  • If you’re taking your dog on a boat, get them a lifejacket
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Consider how to travel with a dog to best keep them safe, and make sure you know how to avoid dog heatstroke, too. It’s easy to get carried away having fun in the sun, but if you’re ever concerned about your pup, it’s best to contact your vet.

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