Sweet Pit Bull mix diagnosed with tumor seeks life-changing surgery

Sweet Pit Bull mix diagnosed with tumor seeks life-changing surgery
(Image credit: Magic Bullet)

12-year-old Pit Bull mix, Taeda, is in dire need of help. The poor Greenville, North Carolina dog is suffering from cancer and you can help by donating to the Magic Bullet Fund to help her have her treatment.

Taeda, is Latin for pine branch, her doting owner Jenny Burnham explains. When she adopted the Pit Bull cross, the poor pup had been living wild in the woods behind her apartment complex. 

It took Jenny four months to coax the pooch with food and sweet talk before she was finally able to take her in and get her the treatment she needed.

"I don't know where she came from or what had happened to her. She would not let anyone get close to her. After months of leaving food for her while walking, my older dog Pilot, Taeda, started to follow us through our walks. Eventually, she followed me back to the step to my apartment, and I picked her up and carried her inside," Jenny explained to Magic Bullet Fund.

"She was extremely fearful, and it took a long time for her to come out of her shell," Jenny adds in a video posted to The Magic Bullet Fund's YouTube. 

Now, after ten years of caring for the pup, Jenny has discovered a lump on little Taeda's left hind leg that needs removal and a biopsy, but she cannot fund the surgery alone. 

Last March, Jenny's pet cat got very sick with kidney disease and saving the feline's life took up the bulk of her savings – that's why she is reaching out via Magic Bullet to help save Taeda's life.

"We lost Pilot two years ago, and it hit [Taeda] very hard. I almost had to start over again, but now we cling to each other. I love Taeda so much. Recently, my sweet girl was diagnosed with a tumor and needs surgery to remove it."

The Magic Bullet Fund provides financial assistance to owners of dogs tragically suffering with cancer, who cannot afford the treatment fees. Started by Laurie Kaplan in 2005, the non profit fund has helped more than 700 dogs and their families as of 2019. 

Funds are paid directly to the clinic on the day of treatment, are not used for past due balances, treatment for other health issues, palliative care or euthanasia.

If you would like to help Taeda and her family, check out the Magic Bullet Fund donation page and donate as little or a lot as you'd like before August 2, 2022.