Watch: Adorable Pit Bull singing Happy Birthday is busting breed stereotypes

Turbo the Pit Bull singing Happy Birthday is busting breed stereotypes
(Image credit: Holly Bolly Go Fund Me)

Pit Bulls aren't always known for their big, goofy personalities, but Turbo is changing that perception with his extra-special talent. Holly, Turbo's owner, says that her pet is like her actual kid and the sweet Pit Bull singing Happy Birthday only makes him feel more like a human.

After adding Turbo to the family, Holly's husband was watching TV late at night when a scene came on that involved someone singing happy birthday. 

Turbo "woke up from a dead sleep" and started howling along with the song. Holly tested out other songs with Turbo, but he only reacts to 'Happy Birthday' - so much so that he'll sing it at every party, howling and barking along with the humans singing actual words. 

Turbo is a Pit Bull with a ton of personality, but his fondness for singing makes him extra special. Despite that, however, Holly claims that neighbors are still hesitant of him because of the misinformation surrounding Pitties. 

"There are a lot of neighbors that will cross the street - when they see us on one side they'll cross to the other," she explains. 

"We definitely do get that stereotype a hundred percent. I just do my best to smile and keep walking. It really breaks my heart because Turbo is the most silly, gentle, goofy guy I know."

If you want to see more of Turbo's antics, the Pitty has his own TikTok (he has over 480,000 followers) and Instagram

There you'll see him sleep, sing, and do all sorts of other adorable things, all of which help combat negative stereotypes against Pit Bulls. 

But Turbo is also going through some medical issues, and Holly and his family have set up a GoFundMe to raise money for the diagnostic tests he needs to figure out what's going on. 

In November of last year, Turbo began tilting his head to one side, and soon after he started having nasal and eye issues on the same side. 

He needs several tests (including a CT scan) to figure out what's going on. If you want to help Turbo, you can donate over on his GoFundMe page.