Trainer reveals one easy fix to stop your dog pulling on the leash (and it only takes five minutes)

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Picture this: You’re on a walk and your dog is staying close. Not only are they staying close, but they’re also responding to cues and making eye contact. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, the experts at JW Dog Training and Behavior Consulting have revealed how to make this your reality. 

If you’re tired of your dog pulling on a leash and feel like you’ve tried everything, then you’ll want to give this simple tip a go. It takes just five minutes before your daily walk and all you need is a 20-foot-long leash to get started. 

For those wondering how to calm down a hyper dog, this will be a game changer and will help your dog release any pent-up energy before walk time. It’s a win for both of you.

JW Dog Training and Behavior Consulting shows us how it’s done in their recent Instagram video:

On-leash walks can be frustrating for your dog who just wants to run around and stretch their legs (especially if it’s their first or only walk of the day). That’s why letting your dog blow off some steam beforehand can be a good solution.

JW Dog Training suggests this can be done by taking your dog to a safe space (like a garden, clear driveway, or patch of grass) and clipping them onto a 20-foot-long leash. 

Let them run about and go crazy for about five minutes, and as a result, your dog will be more engaged during your training walk afterward.

Of course, it’s important to be mindful of others around you and follow dog walking etiquette, but you don’t need to worry too much about a perfect recall as they will be on a leash anyway.

If your dog is still excitable, then you might want to try a few minutes of attention or relaxation drills before you set off on your walk. This could include using a positive interrupter which involves making a high-pitched noise, making eye contact, and then rewarding your dog for their attention. 

There’s nothing better than seeing your dog happy and this will certainly put them in a great mood, and make walk time even more fun for them. 

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