Trainer shares the secret to cat longevity, and it all comes down to doing these five things

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When it comes to your feline friend, helping them to live a long and happy life is likely high on your priority list.

Preparing for a cat and welcoming them into your home can be a truly joyous time, but as they become more and more a part of the family, it's understandable that you might start to worry about the day when they're no longer around.

While you can't slow down time, or prevent your cat from entering their senior years, expert cat trainer and behaviorist Jackson Galaxy says there's plenty you can do when it comes to their longevity. 

You can check out Galaxy's top five tips below, or alternatively, read on as we reveal everything you need to know...


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1. Proper nutrition: Is dry cat food best? Well, according to Galaxy, it's the best wet cat food that reins supreme. "Get rid of that junky dry food and go for a raw or wet diet. Cats are obligate carnivores, they need meat and nothing but meat." 

Before changing cat food, we recommend speaking with your vet who will be able to advise you on the diet that will best suit your fur friend's age, stage, and unique needs. 

2. Ensure they have an annual vet exam: "Make sure you hit that annual exam with your vet, you've got to go at least once a year because their health can change on a dime," explains Galaxy.

3. Get regular dental exams: "Speaking of the vet, go in for dental exams at least every year and a half," Galaxy advises. "You don't know how prevalent tooth loss, decay, and gingivitis is in cats. It's painful, and unless we catch it early it can spread to their whole mouth."

4. Play with your cat: When it comes to learning how to play with your cat, Galaxy says it's not just good for bonding, it's also about making sure they get enough exercise — something that benefits both their physical and mental wellbeing. 

5. Cat proof your home: "Cats are like toddlers that can reach the ceiling, so anything you would do for a toddler, do it for your cat as well."

While you can't stop your cat from growing old, following Galaxy's tips above can help give your feline friend the best chance of living a long and happy life. 

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