Trainer shares three things you can do to keep your canine calm during fireworks

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Looking for ways to calm your dog during fireworks season? If so, you're in the right place.

With the big bangs having already started, we're entering that time of the year that our pets often dread.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to make all those loud noises a little easier for your canine companion.

Alex Sessa, founder and head trainer at Peach on a Leash, has shared a video to Instagram in which she's revealing her top tips for keeping dogs calm during fireworks.

Keep reading to find out what they are...

1. Stay home with your dog: "Make sure you are home with your puppy or dog, especially if it is their first time with fireworks," advises Sessa. "You need the information on how your dog copes with them, and they need your support."

2. Keep them indoors: "Make sure your puppy or dog is in a safe, indoor space when the fireworks start," Sessa recommends. "If you need to take them out to potty, do it beforehand so that you don't have to take them out during the fireworks."

3. Provide comfort if needed: "If your dog is showing signs of stress during fireworks, it is absolutely okay to comfort them," explains Sessa. "But if your dog seems completely unfazed by the fireworks, there's nothing specific that you need to do.

"You don't need to point the fireworks out to the dog. Continue to watch their body language for any signs of stress, but otherwise, just enjoy the night with your dog."

Sessa says it's important to keep in mind that a fireworks phobia occurs when a dog is sensitized to the startling sound and/or visuals that come with fireworks. 

"This can start with a singular traumatic event, such as being left outside during fireworks, or can occur gradually over time," she explains.

Following the tips above are some of the best things you can do to prevent a fireworks phobia from developing in the first place, or, if your dog already has one, help them stay calm when those big bangs go off.

And if you find your dog becomes overly stressed during fireworks season, we recommend speaking with your vet who will be able to offer tailored advice and guidance. 

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