Two minutes, one clicker, snacks, and this trainer’s tips will stop your dog pulling on its leash

Person walking a dog on a leash
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Puppies are often excitable, especially when it’s time for a walk. One incredibly common problem for dog owners is lead pulling. But how do you stop your dog from pulling on a leash? It’s no easy feat.

Not only is it detrimental to your physical health to have a 50-pound beast yanking your arm out of its socket every time it sees a squirrel, but it is also incredibly emotionally draining too. 

However, sometimes it's a little difficult for dog owners not to bow to their pups every command. That’s where Adam Spivey, Director and Master Trainer at Southend Dog Training comes in. According to Spivey, all you need is a clicker, a handful of your dog’s daily food allowance, and a few tips so simple any of us could master them.

Using a clip harness, slip collar, and halti lead, Spivey shows us in his TikTok video that by using a clicker, followed by rewarding them with their favorite kibble right where you want them to be walking, will encourage them to keep right by your side. 


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“All dogs are food motivated when you use their dinner,” Spivey says. “If you stop putting their bowls down and letting them gorge twice or three times again, whenever they want, and you put that food in a treat pouch, BOOM! Food drive.”

Starting off walking is also important, Spivey suggests. He explains that you must make them pay attention to what they are doing before you start off. That way their attention will be on you, the food, and the clicker and they will learn, rather than being too distracted to realize what is going on. This way they will be more concerned about food and pleasing you!

He also recommends a dingo or slip collar just in case your dog decides to sit still, use this in conjunction with a clip harness to have complete control over your dog and be able to safely and gently help them back if they make a sudden run for it – something you shouldn’t attempt with a slip lead alone! 

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