UK dog food company wants you to smell your dog's poop for $6,000

A dog going to the bathroom
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Would you smell your dog's poop for $6,000? UK-based dog food company OMNI thinks you just might, and are offering one lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it) dog owner the chance to put their nose to the test.

OMNI is a plant-based dog food company that only offers plant-based proteins in its recipes. In a recent blog post on their site, they go into detail about how (and why) you can get paid £5,000 (a bit more than $6,000) for sniffing poop. "Us dog owners know that our dog’s poop can reveal a lot about their digestive and general health...Interestingly, we’ve had lots of feedback from dog owners who report that their dogs’ digestion, energy levels and general health are all improved once switching to a flexitarian or plant-based diet."

Because of this feedback OMNI is looking to for a "dedicated dog owner" to sniff their dog's poop to "test the effect a plant-based diet has on their dog's digestion, stool odor, and general health."

There is a lot of conversations about whether or not dogs can be vegan. A USA Today article states that research shows dogs can live and thrive on a vegan diet" as they are considered omnivores. We'd recommend speaking to your vet before switching over to a vegan diet to ensure it's the right choice for your dog, and so that your vet can help you make the switch gently so as not to negatively effect your pooch's belly.

If you do decide to make the switch, you can apply for the poop sniffing job at the OMNI link above. OMNI asks that if you get the job you "record [your] experience of introducing [your] dog to a plant-based diet, monitoring their bowel movements, stool odor, health, energy levels, behavior, sleep pattern and physical attributes, such as weight, skin, and fur condition." If you're chosen for the role, "both at the beginning and the end of the initial two-month period, the dog will receive a general exam from a registered vet to assess how the transition to a plant-based diet has impacted their digestive and general health."

OMNI will pay £5,000 for an initial two-month role (£2,500 per month) and "will cover all food expenses for the diet change, as well as support from a dog nutritionist to ensure the diet transition is done properly." Now this certainly seems like a pretty good deal, aside from the having to smell dog poop part of it..