Video game Stray is raising money for cat rescues in the US and UK

Real life Stray
Murtaugh, one of the real life felines who inspired the game's main character (Image credit: Swann Martin-Raget / Playstation Blog)

The team behind the brand-new cat game Stray is helping stray cats in real life. Publisher Annapurna Interactive has teamed up with humane societies and cat shelters in the US and UK and is helping them raise money by offering free copies of Stray for PS4, PS5, and PC. 

If you don't know yet, Stray is a beautiful and adorable new game about a cat who has lost its way in a world full of robots. You play as that cat and can do tons of typical cat things, like knocking stuff off of ledges, scratching on furniture, sleeping on top of robots' chests, and meowing as loud as you'd like.

It's garnered rave reviews from gaming sites like GamesRadar and PCGamer, and is widely considered purrfect by gamers and cat lovers alike. 

Annapurna is working with Cats Protection in the UK and Nebraska Humane Solciety in the US. 

In the UK, there are six digital codes available for Stray. If you're 18 years old or older and are a UK resident, you can enter the competition via the link in the Tweet we've shared above. 

The US giveaway details are a bit different: you'll need to follow the link in the Tweet we've embedded below and donate at least $5 to the Nebraska Humane Society to be entered into the giveaway.

At the time of publication, the drawing for the NHS giveaway has closed, but you're still welcome to (and should) donate to help stray cats. 

The cat in Stray is based on a cat named Murtaugh, who belongs to people who work for the developer BlueTwelve Studios. The team behind Stray is clearly full of cat lovers, as the cat is incredibly realistic and impossibly adorable. 

We love to see support for cat rescues, especially from the video game community.