Watch: Viral video shows woman and her dog attacked by raccoon

Raccoon sitting on window shutter
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A video that shows a woman and her dog being attacked by a raccoon has quickly gone viral, wracking up an impressive 10.6 million views on TikTok and amassing close to 40,000 comments.

The lengthy footage, which was uploaded by Nykeria Clark a week ago, shows the Orlando woman and her Yorkie JoJo being chased into their home by a raccoon after coming back from a walk.

Clark can be heard screaming and running towards her front door pulling little JoJo behind her who is desperately trying to fend off the raccoon and protect his human mama. 

But the raccoon was not to be deterred, remaining in such hot pursuit that it managed to enter the house with them before Clark was able to shut the door. 


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“I was basically in like a panic mode, so at that point, I tried to find whatever I could find,” Clark told 7 News Miami. “I got a mop, and I tried to scare it off with a mop, and then once I scared it off with a mop, it hid in the blinds.”

Clark called animal services but it took them over an hour to arrive, leaving her, JoJo and one rather determined raccoon stuck in her home together. By the time help arrived, the raccoon had positioned itself on top of a window shutter.

Captioning the video with the words “taking my baby to vet ASAP,” Clark was relieved to find out that the raccoon tested negative for rabies, although JoJo was given a shot just to be sure. 

While netizens were quick to recognize the seriousness of the situation, some found the humor in it too with one TikToker writing “The raccoon was so calm by time the animal services came I guess he said just go ahead and get me I know my charges😂😂😂”

Others were also quick to jump in with funny comments with another user hilariously commenting “I would have left my dog lmao,” something that was quickly seconded by a fellow TikToker who added “'I’m sorry Benji would've been left😂”

But while it was certainly a frightening experience for Clark and little JoJo, she’s since posted a follow up video which explains exactly what the raccoon behaved the way she did - both she and her babies are living in the tree outside Clark’s property.


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We think Clark was pretty darn brave to go pay them a visit, but given how cute those sweet raccoon babies are, we’re super grateful to her that she did!

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