Want to get your puppy to stop biting? Try this trainer’s genius solution

Puppy lying in grass mouthing hand of owner
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If you're anything like most pet parents, trying to figure out how to stop a puppy biting, mouthing or nipping is likely high on your priority list. And we can't say we blame you!

Puppies explore the world with their mouths, so this is typically very normal behavior. It's also common during the puppy teething phase when your little one is looking for ways to ease pain and discomfort. 

That being said, being mouthed or nipped constantly is enough to give any dog owner a serious case of the puppy blues. Thankfully, there is a solution. 

In a video shared to Instagram, expert trainer Adam Spivey, who is also the founder of Southend Dog Training, says the answer is simple — put your puppy down for a nap. To find out more, you can check out the clip below, or read on for a summary of what Spivey has to say...

"Puppies turn into little land sharks when they're over tired," explains Spivey. "If we don't recognize this, it will get worse and worse."

In the clip, Spivey can be seen sat on the couch with a puppy he's just been training. They've had a super productive training session, but all of a sudden the puppy has started getting silly and biting — according to Spivey, that's because he's tired.

The solution is to pop the puppy in a crate. "The puppy needs a nap, that's why it's biting," he explains.

"Lack of sleep leads to puppy biting and more severe behavior issues down the road, such as separation anxiety, destructive behavior, obsessive barking, shadow chasing, and accidents in the house, to name a few."

When your puppy starts to bite, mouth, or nip, it's nap time. This is important as it will help your little one learn limits and how to switch off and sleep.

If you require additional support with your puppy, it's always worth reaching out to a professional trainer or behaviorist who will be able to help you navigate that first year of your fur friend's life. 

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