Watch: Guy feeds stray cats using genius remote controlled toy car in adorable video

stray cat gets fed by toy car
(Image credit: Reddit / @Morgentau7)

While sometimes advice has been given against feeding stray cats (in case they have an actual owner and are in fact not strays), we can see why people occasionally choose to go ahead and ignore this advice.

Sometimes they look like they’re in need of a good feed, and at others they just look so darn cute that they can’t resist doing so.

However, sometimes stray cats have the understandable tendency to be a bit jumpy, so actually getting the food to them can be difficult to manage.

With this in mind, one person came up with what has to count as an ingenious solution: delivering the cat’s dinner on wheels. Toy car wheels, to be precise.

Entitled ‘This guy delivers food to stray animals with a little remote-controlled car’, the video uploaded to Reddit shows the car approaching the tabby from a fair old distance away.

Initially unsure, the cat in question starts eating rather tentatively. Clearly they’re hungry, as it happily tucks into the dinner that has been so unexpectedly (from its perspective, at least) delivered to them.

this_guy_delivers_food_to_stray_animals_with_a from r/aww

Having been uploaded to Reddit, this video has quickly gained popularity, receiving over 100,000 upvotes at the last count.

The comments were even more positive, with verdicts including” "My Uber delivery has arrived", "Ah, my Upurr Eats delivery has arrived"; “Uber meats’, and “This is sweet but it makes me so sad. I want to adopt them all”.

While it is indeed sad that some cats and dogs go without a home, we can at least rest assured that in some cases at least, someone is looking out for them.

Plus, it might have given us some ideas for how we feed our own cats if we’re feeling too lazy to get up and do so. This could be a real game-changer.

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