Watch: Cat retrieves owner’s lost keys from hole and saves the day!

Black cat with keys
(Image credit: @luhmeira7/TikTok)

Losing your keys is pretty frustrating, but knowing where they are and not being able to get at them is infinitely worse! That’s what happened to TikTok user Luhmeira7 recently. Her small son dropped a set of keys down a tiny hole in a concrete curb, and although she could see them, they were well out of reach. Could anything be more frustrating?!

In the video, which has been viewed over 7.5 million times on TikTok, Luh’s son can be seen trying to force his hand down the hole in an attempt to retrieve the precious objects. Obviously worried that he’ll get stuck, she laughingly stops him and tries poking down the hole with a stick instead but to no avail.


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At first, the viral video, w has been captioned ‘If I hadn’t filmed this no-one would have believed it’ in Portuguese, appears to show nothing out of the ordinary. A few seconds into the video, though, the star of the show makes his appearance – a handsome black cat. 

He immediately joins in the game, trying to play bite the stick. After a little encouragement, the friendly feline is soon persuaded to do what cats do best – go fishing! He can be seen pushing a paw into the hole and angling for the keys, to shrieks of encouragement.

It's obviously a bit of a stretch, but the courageous kitty isn’t deterred. He continues to fish around and finally manages to retrieve the keys, to the great delight of his audience. The video, which has attracted almost 40K comments, finishes with a photo of the cause of all the trouble – Luh’s young son, pictured with his cat friend.

The cat doesn’t belong to Luh but is apparently a great friend of the family. Many TikTokers urged her to adopt the cat but she replied, “He already has an owner! He lives in an apartment here in my condo and is always playing with the kids.” 

Fans were captivated by the kitty’s resourcefulness, commenting, “I really wouldn’t have believed that was possible if I hadn’t seen it,” and “Someone deserves an extra treat – and I’m not talking about the kid!”

We’re sure that Luh will be keeping a better eye on her keys from now on – after all, you can’t always rely on a hero being around!

Sara Walker

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