Watch: 'Zorro cat' goes viral for his masked appearance and adorable antics

zorro cat
(Image credit: iwhy_75 / TikTok)

Have no fear for Zorro cat is here! At least in virtual form charming the Internet with his adorable videos and unique masked appearance that strongly resembles the famous, masked vigilante. 

The mixed Persian kitten, named Boy, has become an Internet star thanks to the black patch around his eyes which looks identical to a superhero's trusty face mask that conceals his or her identity. 

He captured the hearts of netizens mainly because of his uncanny resemblance to the fictional masked crusader, created by writer Johnston McCulley back in 1919. 

The nine-month-old kitten is the youngest of several cats belonging to the loving owner, Indraini Wahyudin Noor, 50, from Banjarmasin, Indonesia.

After sharing a few clips of the black and white kitten on his TikTok account @iwhy_, the videos soon went viral, garnering tens of thousands of views. 


♬ suara asli - iWhy_

Users were quick to comment on the kitten's remarkable likeness to the masked vigilante, with some expressing wanting to hug him and even asking to buy the cute kitten. 

It's no surprise that fans have renamed the kitten Zorro, which seems more fitting for an enigmatic kitten.

To add to the amusement, Indraini often plays the Zorro theme tune for the kitten to join in. 

"The cat's name is Boy, but many people call him Zorro," shares Idraini. "I also think he looks just like Zorro, and I think he likes regularly listening to the Zorro music. People who see him for the first time usually say that he's unique, cute and how he looks just like Zorro."

As well as enjoying becoming an Internet star, Boy the kitten loves attention, being spoiled, held and cuddled by his owner. How adorable!

Cynthia Lawrence

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