Real life Puss in Boots is the spitting image of the famous feline

real life puss in boots pisca the cat
(Image credit: Alamy/DreamWorks/Pisca_the_cat)

When it comes to the cutest cat ever, meet Pisco the cat, also known as the real life Puss in Boots. With his ginger-tinged fur and large saucer eyes, this British Shorthair looks identical to the equally adorable, animated feline from the Shrek 2 movie. 

Famous for his ‘please give me treats’ expression, Pisco is a dead ringer for the famous character, and is guaranteed to melt anyone’s heart.

In fact, Pisco has become a celebrity cat in his own right, with his own Instagram account garnering over 600,000 followers so far. Pisco’s social media is packed full of pictures of his doting expression, including ones of him dressed in a wide range of cute outfits or being spoiled with plenty of cuddles. 

Yet, while it may seem that Pisco loves nothing more than being spoilt with affection, this wasn’t always the case.

 “When we first got Pisco he wasn’t the cuddle bear he is right now,’ states his owner in an Instagram Q&A. 

“He was very skittish and wouldn’t want us to hold him or touch him at all. But every day we show him it’s okay and we wouldn’t force him to cuddle or grab him. And now he’s a super teddy bear and loves to cuddle.”

 Well, that’s a relief as who wouldn’t want snuggles with Pisco?

Nowadays, you can find Pisco the adorable cat living a life of luxury in New York with his owner and continuing to pose up a storm.  

Cynthia Lawrence

Cynthia Lawrence is freelance lifestyle journalist. Starting off her career in national magazines, she moved to digital and e-commerce publications. When she's not reviewing exciting products, she is obsessed with home interiors and her neighbour's cat!