10 fluffy cat breeds to cuddle up to

fluffy cat breeds
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With their soft, silky fur and cute appearance, fluffy cats are the ideal cuddle companions to snuggle with. Just like the most affectionate cat breeds, there’s nothing more comforting than a fluffy cat curling around your ankles or happily lounging on your lap. They will also love the attention and care from their pet parents. Of course, you can always spoil them with a selection of popular cat toys too to keep them entertained and to banish boredom.

If you’re considering adopting a kitten or simply wanting to welcome a new kitty to the family, fluffy cats could certainly be a great match for you, but you'll want to think about more than just your cat's immediate appearance. Fluffy cat breeds look adorable but their shedding can be problematic for house-proud pet parents or for those with allergies. Investing in a good cat brush and regularly grooming your kitty is an ideal way to keep your long-haired friend in tip-top condition, otherwise you may want to have a look at our guide to hypoallergenic cat breeds if too much cat hair is a medical issue in your household. 

As with any new pet, don't forget to consider your new friend's temperament, fully research their care needs and consider how they will fit in with the family. Our selection of fluffy cat breeds is a great place to start. 

PetsRadar's pick of fluffy cat breeds

1. Persian

Close-up portrait of Persian cat

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 The Persian or Persian Longhair is one of the most-loved fluffy cats, and a popular pedigreed cat in North America. In fact, the first documented ancestors of the Persian were imported into Italy from Persia around 1620. Known for their long, thick fur coats and gorgeous ruff around their necks, they’re also characterized by their incredibly fluffy tail. 

As to be expected, the Persian must be groomed daily to prevent mats or tangles. Persians are generally laid-back, with a quiet nature. They usually have a gentle demeanour and enjoy nothing more than to lounge around. Persians are also quite affectionate so would make great cuddle cats! 

2.  Ragdoll 

Ragdoll cat standing outside in amongst potted herbs

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The Ragdoll is better known for its striking color point coat and piercing blue eyes. They also have a large, muscular form with a semi-longhair and silky coat. The Ragdoll breed were developed in the 1960s by American breeder, Ann Baker. 

Generally, they are docile cats with an affectionate and placid temperament. In fact, they get their name from their tendency to relax and go limp whenever they’re picked up! Their fur is silky-soft and plush and thy have no undercoat despite having lots of fur.  This also makes their coats easy to care for without getting knotted or matted. 

3. Maine Coon 

A Maine Coon cat, one of the most playful cat breeds

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The Maine Coon is regarded as one of the largest cat breeds, and they certainly have the fluffiest coat to match! They’re known for their distinctive long, bushy tail, and thick, silky fur coat. What’s more, their paws are adorned with thick fur.

Their fluffy appearance was adapted for the US state of Maine's climate to help protect them against snow during the winter months. Unlike other fluffy cat breeds, Maine Coons are quite social and love attention and having their coats brushed all the time. In fact, they are commonly nicknamed the Gentle Giant, not only for their huge size but huge personality!

4. Himalayan 

Close up of Himalayan cat with blue eyes lying down and looking at the camera

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The fluffy Himalayan is a cross between the Siamese and Persian cat. Originating in India from around the 1920s, they are known for their incredibly long, glossy fur, and dramatic ruff around their necks. In addition, they have striking blue eyes and point coloration which derives from this beautiful Persian and Siamese cross. 

What’s more, their super soft coats are quite fine, so regular brushing and grooming is essential when caring for a cat of this breed. Despite the Himalayan having a very calm demeanour, they also lap up attention and have a playful side to them.  

 5. Norwegian Forest Cat 

One of the rarest cat breeds, shot of two Norwegian Forest Cats stood side by side indoors

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This popular breed of domestic cat originates from Northern Europe, and so naturally adapted to a colder climate. As a result, the Norwegian Forest Cat has a thick, glossy, waterproof top-coat, warm, woolly undercoat and bushy tail to keep insulated. Bear in mind though, their fluffy coats are prone to shedding in the colder seasons. 

So you’ll need to maintain extra grooming during this time of the year. Despite their large size and tall demeanour, this breed is incredibly loving! In fact, Norwegian Forest Cats are the most gentle and friendly fluffy cats, making excellent, family pets. 

6. Ragamuffin  

Close up of Ragamuffin cat looking into the camera

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The Ragamuffin is similar to the Ragdoll but was classified as a separate breed in 1994. Breeders wanted to bring more colors and patterns to the Ragdoll by crossing them with Persians, Himalayans and other domestic long-haired cats. Thus resulting in the beautiful Ragamuffin, best known for their fluffy, rabbit-like coats and variety of colors. 

The Ragamuffin is further characterized by its friendly personality. They love to be held, cuddled and crave lots of affection. In addition, they are very playful and need plenty of stimulation. Another plus is their silky coats are tangle resistant, so there is not much grooming or hair maintenance required. 

7. Birman

friendliest cat breeds: birman cat

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Also known as the “Sacred Cat of Burma”, the Birman is a beautiful, long-haired, color-pointed cat breed. Similar to the Siamese of Thailand, the Birman has a stockier body, silken coat and white feet. In fact, they are completely white when they are born and develop their markings and points as they grow older. 

What’s more, their feet will always remain white which can resemble white gloves. Their super soft fur is considerably low-maintenance as they have no undercoats, meaning they won’t tangle or get matted.  The Birman is a smart and curious cat yet enjoys relaxing and being held in your arms. 

8. Siberian Forest Cat 

Siberian cat

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As the national cat of Russia, the Siberian Forest Cat is large and muscular with a barrel-shaped torso. They have long-haired, thick undercoats that are usually pale near the skin and darkens towards the outer ends. Not only does this give the cats a more shimmering coat as they move but keeps them warm in the winter months. 

Bear in mind, they shed quite a bit in the summer so may not be as fluffy, but they’ll still have incredibly bushy tails. Generally, Siberian Forest Cats are extremely playful and affectionate. In addition, they are charming, sociable creatures, making them the perfect fluffy kitty for children and families.  

9.  Exotic Shorthair 

exotic shorthair

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This fluffy cat breed was developed as a short-haired version of the Persian, and often nicknamed, ‘the lazy man’s Persian’.  Interestingly, the Exotic Shorthair was originally supposed to be silver and called Sterling, but today you can find them in the same colors and patterns as the Persian. 

Similar in many ways, the Exotic Shorthair has the same body type, facial features and characteristics. The only difference is it has a dense, plush, fur coat that requires less grooming and brushing than other cats. Typically, the exotic shorthair cats have a very friendly, lively personality. What’s more, they are loyal creatures, crave affection and love to be a lap cat.   

10.  Somali 

somali cat

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Often described as a long-haired African cat, the Somali is a breed of a recessive gene in Abyssinian cats. The Somali has a medium build, firm and muscular with long legs and oval tufted paws. Its coat is medium-length, rich and super soft, and would require regular brushing and grooming. 

What’s more, this cat breed comes in a range of 28 colors that includes red, ruddy, sorrel and fawn. Generally, the Somali is an energetic and active cat who loves to jump around. In addition, they enjoy playtimes and love to have company. Perfect for being the ideal cuddle companions! 

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