Senior cat demanding to be spooned at night is incredibly cute

senior cat demanding to be spooned at night
(Image credit: Reddit / @Big_Lmaoski)

Cats are nothing if not forward, as this case of a senior cat demanding to be spooned by its only too obliging owner shows.

Originally posted on Reddit by Big_Lmaoski under the caption ‘My senior cat won’t let me sleep unless I spoon him every night’, the first two photos show the user in question cuddled up behind his very smug-looking cat.

While the third photo features precisely zero spooning, it does have the cat in question looking very pleased with themselves.

While we’ve known plenty of cats who are more than happy to snuggle up with their owners, this is the first time we’ve seen one expressly insist on doing so as a prerequisite for going to sleep, and it's clear the Internet is smitten with this sweet senior kitty.

senior cat in bed

(Image credit: Reddit / @Big_Lmaoski)

The comments on Reddit were generally approving, with one reminiscing, ‘My older cat, now deceased, was exactly the same! I always said she was putting me to bed’.

Another said, ‘A former kitty of mine did the same. Whenever I went to bed, he would come up with me, and snuggle under the covers, just rumbling away, for anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Every night without fail, he'd see me off to sleep.’

One more was similarly approving: ‘You BETTER be spooning that cat. All the spoons!’

Obviously, allowing your cat to spoon with you isn’t something that every cat owner does – some won’t do so because of hygiene, while others won’t want their beauty sleep disturbed – but it’s clear that this cat is delighted at being allowed to do so.

Cats sleep a lot – find out why in our article: why do cats sleep so much - so it’s understandable that they want to feel safe and comfortable while doing so.

The fact that this cat wants to spoon with its owner should be seen as the ultimate compliment, and its owner is clearly taking it as such.

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