Watch this colossal canine dwarf its owner at just 13 months old!

giant alabai dog
(Image credit: TikTok)

An enormous Central Asian Shepherd Dog has captured the hearts and imagination of the internet with an incredible video showcasing just how colossal this gentle giant is.

At only 13 months old, Appa the Alabai is merely a puppy yet the mammoth pooch is already taller than the average door frame when it jumps up on its hind legs to reach for a treat. 

Alabais hail from central Asia and are also known as the Central Asian Ovtcharka, Middle Asian Ovtcharka, and Mid-Asian Shepherd. An ancient breed that dates back over 5000 years, they are very popular as pets in Russia with their calm and quiet nature. Known to be affectionate, intelligent, independent and protective of their families, Alabais are also huge, making them great guard dogs!

Set to the theme of Jaws, the video shows Appa's owner holds a treat as high as he can while the pup rises up to grab it, dwarfing its owner in the process and a caption reading: "Is the front door a good comparison?"

Check it out:


♬ Jaws Theme - Jaws

Appa's TikTok reveals many more videos that display his vast size, including a comparison with a small dog, his paw against a human hand and the noise makes when he plays.