Watch this loyal German Shepherd dog help out with the housework

Loyal German Shepherd helping out with the laundry
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Domestic gods and goddesses are normally titles bestowed upon humans, but this loyal German Shepherd is giving us all a run for our money in this sweet video that shows him helping to keep his home in order. 

Two-year-old Baron may look like an ordinary German Shepherd but unlike his peers who spend most of their time immersed in careers as protection dogs, Baron is set on developing a wider set of skills that will see him employable well into retirement. 

“I first started training Baron the day we got him,” explains his owner, Linda Riley. “Baron is very smart, he catches on very quickly. German Shepherds overall are very eager to please and they want to learn.”

When he’s not keeping watch on Riley and her four-year-old son Alexander, Baron turns his paws to a variety of household chores.

“He can help load the dishwasher, help wipe the windows, he likes dusting, he can sweep the floor and he can mop,” says Riley. It’s an impressive list, but surely it ends there, right? Wrong! “He can unload and load the dryer and washer, he can put the toilet seat down behind Alexander when he forgets, he can turn the light switches on and off too.”

Baron has lived with Lisa and Alexander since he was just 12 weeks old and as Riley is a dog trainer, she got to work with him straight away. While watching him carry out all his domestic chores will make you smile, it’s perhaps his relationship with Alexander that’s the most heartwarming.

“Alexander and Baron have a very special relationship, they are joined at the hip. Baron is like an overprotective dad. When we’re out in public and it’s the three of us, Baron will be on the outside of Alexander, pushing Alexander into me. Anytime we’re out his eyes are constantly on Alexander, he doesn’t look away, he’s all that matters.”

Baron’s love for Alexander is returned ten-fold with the young boy describing the loyal German Shepherd as his best friend. Riley says that regardless of his domestic god-like capabilities, the protective pooch will always be a huge and important part of their family. “I have no doubt that dog would give his life for us if he had to.” 

And as for Baron himself? We hope he has one of the best dog beds to fall into at the end of a long day's work - he's certainly earned himself a good night's sleep! 

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