Real life ‘Cinderella cat’ does dishes and vacuums in hysterical viral video

Cinderella cat wiping down counter
(Image credit: Cats where they shouldn't be/Twitter)

Let’s be honest, cats are known for being pretty lazy, coming and going as they please, and often, treating their homes like a hotel.

They are more likely to be sitting on your laptop when you’re trying to work or stealing your favorite spot on the sofa than helping around the house.

But that’s where ‘Cinderella Cat’ comes in. In a hysterical video posted to Twitter account @nocatplaces on May 4, this cute little tabby shows off her cleaning skills.

In the light-hearted footage, the cat (which is being held by its owner off-camera) can be seen diligently scrubbing pots with a yellow sponge. 

She then moves onto the kitchen counter, polishing it with a cloth and giving the sink taps a nice shine. Next, it’s time for a quick vacuum and tidying away the toys into a basket.

The nine-second clip has gone viral and been watched by 47,300 people, reTweeted 769 times, and has 4K likes.

The video has clearly made Twitter users smile, with one person @EarthMother921 joking: “Does that cat have any relatives up for homing? I’ll take one! Or two…”

@JacobWisner1 was also keen to hire a Cinderella cat, saying: "I would pay so much money for a cat-based cleaning service." 

@papacathy7 added: "maybe if I show this to my parents, they'll change their mind about letting me have a cat [sic]."

The video also highlighted to some pet owners just who is the boss in their house and how cats know how to get us to do what they want.

Twitter user @WilkensJane admitted: “Now I know my cats are completely lazy. They’ve got me trained to pick up after them!” while @GranDivaDeb added: “If only I could get [my cat] Caledonia to do some chores.”