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Joe Biden’s new cat will be "first cat” in office since 2001

Joe Biden's new cat will join Socks in the list of famous White House cats
Joe Biden's new cat will join Socks (pictured) in the list of famous White House cats (Image credit: Getty Images)

It may have almost been two decades since a cat has lived at the White House but as CBS Sunday Morning recently revealed, this may all be about to change thanks to Joe Biden's new cat.

The news channel’s twitter account had previously teased cat-lovers with the news that the 46th US President was looking to unite the cat people and dog lovers of the country by bringing a ‘first cat’ with him following his inauguration on 20 January 2021.

It’s been a long-standing tradition for US Presidents to have four-legged furry friends with them at the White House. Donald Trump was the first president in more than 100 years not to have a cat or a dog, or any pet for that matter. 

However, Joe Biden will be reinstating this wonderful tradition when he is sworn in next month. He already has two german shepherds called Champ and Major who have recently moved into the White House with him. The dogs are already very popular and fans can follow Champ and Major on Instagram and Twitter.

The announcement came after Dr Jill Biden had previously revealed to Fox 5 that she would “love to get a cat” as she loves “having animals around the house”. 

Although there hasn’t been any specific details with regards to the new feline addition, it won’t actually be the White House’s first ever cat. The Clintons adopted a stray called Socks and George W Bush had a cat called India.