We asked a vet whether oil diffusers are really that toxic to dogs. Here’s what they said

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You might have heard speculation over whether oil diffusers are safe to use around dogs. One side of the internet warns of the dangers, whilst the other side recommends using them for natural remedies, so we don’t blame you if you’re feeling a little lost.

These mood-boosting oils have lots of benefits for  us humans, and have a strong aroma that can help mask unpleasant odors. This means you might be tempted to try them out - especially if you want to combat the ‘dog smell’. If you’re wondering ‘why does my dog smell?’ Our vet answers your questions in this helpful guide. 

With so many conflicting opinions on the internet about their safety, it can be hard to know where you stand. That’s why we’ve called in a vet to get to the bottom of it. 

Dr. Hannah Godfrey BVetMed MRCVS
Dr Hannah Godfrey

Dr Hannah Godfrey is a small animal vet who graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2011 and began work straight away at a busy mixed practice. Initially, she treated all species, but focussed on small animals from 2014. She has a passion for soft tissue surgery, ultrasound, and canine and feline dentistry, having completed additional training in these areas.

Are essential oils toxic for dogs?

Vet Dr Hannah Godfrey BVetMed MRCVS says that there haven’t been many studies to assess the safety of essential oils around pets. But in her experience, she’s seen dogs develop signs like snorting, sneezing, and wheezing at the same time that essential oils or household fragrances had been used. 

She says that this is probably caused by an allergy or airway irritation from the scent compounds. In short, you shouldn’t use them if you have a dog.  

Which essential oils are toxic for dogs?

Whilst not all essential oils are toxic for dogs, Dr Godfrey says you shouldn’t be using any of them as they can cause issues for individual dogs. 

Some poisonous essential oils include:

  • Cinnamon
  • Ylang-ylang
  • Peppermint
  • Citrus
  • Tea tree
  • Wweet birch
  • Pine

Peppermint oil

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Can I apply essential oils to my dog’s skin?

There are lots of natural remedies on the internet that recommend using essential oils to treat your dog, but you should never apply them to their skin. If you’re looking for alternatives, here are five natural ways to moisturize dog paws.

Dr Godfrey says: “It's not just breathing in essential oils that can cause problems; applying essential oils to your dog's skin can cause skin rashes and soreness, especially if your dog has sensitive skin. It also means there's a chance that your dog could lick and consume the oil, which could cause gastrointestinal irritation, vomiting, and diarrhea.”

What are the symptoms of essential oil poisoning?

Dr Godfrey explains that this all depends on whether they had direct skin contact, breathed it in, or consumed it, but if your dog shows any of the symptoms above, you should take them to see a vet.

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What should I do if my dog has ingested or come in contact with essential oils?

Dr Godfrey says: “If your dog comes into contact with essential oils, wash the oil off with dilute soapy water and check the area for redness or inflammation.

“If they could have licked the oil, it's worth taking them to the vet for a check-up or watching them closely for symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, or other signs of being unwell.”

Are essential oils toxic to cats?

Some essential oils are also toxic to cats which means they need to be avoided. Dr Godfrey explains that even if they’re not the toxic ones, they can still cause airway irritation, feline asthma flare-ups, and skin rashes on contact.

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