This Wisdom Panel Complete Cat DNA Test is now 35% off in Chewy's Cyber Monday sale

Wisdom Panel Complete Cat DNA Test
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Created by some of the world's leading geneticists and veterinarians, the Wisdom Panel Complete Cat DNA Test delivers a ton of helpful insights about your feline friend, and with a jaw-dropping 35% off this premium kit, now's the time to get all the answers you've been looking for.

Whether you want to know more about your kitty's breed and ancestry, learn about potential genetic conditions and medical complications they could be predisposed to, or find out more about their physical traits, the Wisdom Panel Complete Cat DNA Test can do all that and more.

Wisdom Panel Complete Cat DNA Test

Wisdom Panel Complete Cat DNA Test
RRP: $129.99 | Now: $84.49 | Save: $45.50 (35%)
With the ability to detect over 70 different breeds, this cat DNA test will let you know exactly where your kitty comes from, plus provide a raft of helpful information on potential medical conditions, give you access to your cat's blood type and help you understand your pet’s coat type and color, along with other physical features.

If you've been wondering where exactly your kitty comes from, the Wisdom Panel Complete Cat DNA Test can help you find out thanks to its ability to detect over 70 cat breeds and provide an accurate breed breakdown down to 1%.

Analysing thousands of data points, this DNA test kit is simple to use and will screen for over 45 health tests for genetic conditions and medical complications that you can then share with your cat's vet. 

It also has the ability to perform over 25 different trait tests, so you can gain an understanding about your cat's coat type along with their other physical features. Oh, and it will even reveal your feline friends blood type and identify their blood transfusion risk. 

Suitable for cats of all ages and stages, simply swab the inside of their cheek and gums, send it away and you'll get a detailed report back in 2-4 weeks. Easy and painless - what could be better than that? 35% off that's what! 

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