Are puppuccinos safe for dogs? We asked a vet to confirm

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In recent years, puppuccinos have risen in popularity as a treat for dogs. Many dog-friendly cafes and coffee shops offer them so that your pup can enjoy a little something while you have your coffee.

Comprising simply a small cup of whipped cream, often with one of the best dog treats on top, they make a tasty snack for our canine companions. But, are they safe for dogs or should you be sticking to the best long lasting dog chews when you stop off at a cafe? And, if they are safe, should your dog be having them on a regular basis or is it best to save them for special occasions? We asked a vet.

Can dogs have puppuccinos?

“Many owners want to spoil their dogs and get them a little treat while out together,” says Dr Rebecca MacMillan. “The puppuccino should be viewed as just that, an occasional treat. The ingredients in puppuccinos are not toxic foods for dogs, but the additional calories on top of their normal diet could lead to weight gain over time, so don’t make it a regular habit.”

Puppuccinos will not benefit your dog in a nutritional sense, so it’s best to keep them on their regular diet as much as possible. 

And, it’s best to avoid giving puppuccinos to dogs with certain health conditions, including pancreatitis and diabetes, due to the high fat and sugar content. 

Dr. MacMillan also recommends keeping an eye on the amount you give your dog in one sitting, and giving your pup a small amount of puppuccino to start with, to ensure that their stomach can handle it. And, while larger breeds may be fine with a whole cup, smaller breeds may struggle.

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What are puppuccinos made of?

Dr. MacMillan explains, “Puppuccinos may vary between retailers, but they are classically made from whipped cream, with perhaps a little sugar and flavoring. Some dogs are unable to tolerate lactose, which is a naturally occurring sugar found in cow’s milk. Consuming too much dairy-based product could cause stomach upsets in these dogs.”

For dogs who are sensitive to lactose, a vegan puppuccino made from oat or soya may be a better option. Dairy is one of the more common food allergies in pets, so an alternative milk might be a good option to try.

How to make a puppuccino at home

If you’d like to make a puppuccino at home, you can do so. Simply fill a small cup with whipped cream, pop a dog treat on the top, and give it to your pup.

You can make different flavors of puppuccino, too, as long as you’re using ingredients that are safe for dogs. Mix Greek yogurt with a dog-friendly fruit and top it with whipped cream for one easy idea. Check out human foods that dogs can eat for inspiration – you might be surprised! The one thing you should definitely avoid, however, is coffee as this is toxic to dogs.

Or, why not try making popsicles for dogs as an alternative? They’re an ideal snack on a warm day.

While puppuccinos are fine for most dogs, it’s important to remember that they’re best considered to be treats. It’s not healthy for our pups to have them on a regular basis – it’s best that they stick to a consistent, healthy diet. And, for more things that you could incorporate into your pup’s diet, here are 32 surprising things dogs can eat besides dog food.

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How do you order a puppuccino?

Actually ordering a puppuccino for your dog can be quite confusing if you’ve never done it before, because most places don’t actually put it on their menu. Rather, it’s an off-menu option that they’re happy to make for you. 

Keep in mind, too, that many cafes and coffee shops don’t allow dogs inside. So, you might have to order at the drive-thru or leave your pup outside with a friend or relative.

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Are puppuccinos free?

It differs from business to business, but puppuccinos are often given free of charge. However, it’s considered good manners to order something else, too, such as a coffee or some food for yourself. 

Where coffee shops and cafes have charged for puppuccinos, they’re generally sold at a lower price than ‘human’ drinks. However, if in doubt, it’s best to ask.

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