4 imaginative ways to hide a dog crate

Dog in their crate
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Figuring out how to hide a dog crate once you’ve brought your new furry friend home is likely to be high on your agenda. After all, while crate training provides a wide variety of benefits, such as reducing stress during times of uncertainty and keeping your pup safe from harm, there’s just one slight problem: the crate doesn’t match anything else in your house!

Whether you invest in a wire, soft-sided, or plastic crate, even the best dog crates can prove to be an eyesore sat right in the middle of your living space that you have to move every time guests come over is a common complaint amongst pet parents.

But fear not, because it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve put together a list of cool ideas that will help you to hide your dog crate, all whilst ensuring that it remains an enjoyable and cozy place for your pooch to relax in when the time calls for it.

1. Turn it into a table

Obviously, this is completely dependent on the size of the crate but, if you have a big enough space for it, why not consider transforming your pup’s crate into a table?

If the top of the crate isn’t flat, opt to fit a piece of sturdy cardboard or strong wood on top. Even if it is flat, you may wish to do this anyway to ensure that it is smooth, and you can avoid any bumpiness or irregularities that could accidentally cause a drink to spill over.

Once you have placed something across the top, ideally extending out further than the crate itself, cover the entire thing with a tablecloth or piece of fabric. No one will be able to tell the difference and your multi-purpose table wouldn’t look at all out of place.

2. Additional seating

If you have multiple crates in your home that you want to keep together in the same area, one of the most useful ways to do this is by creating inconspicuous additional seating. You could construct a bench that will sit over the pair of crates and will provide both a safe place for your pets as well as a comfy place for people to sit.

If the crates are too small to create an appropriately sized bench, you could instead construct a smaller version that could be used as a coffee table instead - just be sure to be careful with hot drinks if your pooches are going in and out or are already inside.

3. Nightstand with a difference

For those who like to keep their pooches close while they sleep - but not quite as close as on their own beds – a disguised dog crate is the way forward.

Similar to the first idea in that it involves finding a table tall enough for the crate to fit underneath or crafting one of your own, transforming it into a nightstand will ensure that everyone has a cozy night’s sleep.

Again, this can be covered with a large piece of fabric or tablecloth or, to make it more fitting to your snoozy environment, you can fix privacy curtains to the underside of the table. So, if your pooch fancies sleeping in, the curtains can remain closed.

Placing things such as a night light and some reading material on top of your new piece of furniture will make it look like any other fashionable nightstand available in the store.

4. Built-in furniture

Described as a more practical solution for owners with larger breeds, having crates built into already existing furniture is the ultimate space saver.

Think about utilizing any spare nooks found in your kitchen or laundry room, a space inside an unused wardrobe (with the doors open, of course!), or perhaps designate a space under your office desk that you would be able to build or fit a crate straight into.

Whichever way you choose to hide your dog’s crate, it’s important to remember what it will be used for in the long run. This will be your pooch’s safe space for when they’re feeling overwhelmed so the placing of it is crucial. Opt for somewhere that is discrete such as a quiet corner or a covered alcove that will fill your canine with a sense of calm at times when they need it most.

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