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Best anti-vomit bowls for cats: Allow your kitty to eat more comfortably

Best anti-vomit bowls for cats
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If your feline friend is throwing up their food after eating a meal, then you may want to consider investing in one of the best anti-vomit bowls for cats. Although gastrointestinal conditions can prevent cats from keeping their food down, sometimes the answer merely lies in the way they are eating rather than anything more concerning. Special bowls can prove effective in such cases.

One of the problems faced by even the best cat food bowls is the position in which many of them are placed. If you consider how your cat approaches a bowl when you lay it on the floor, you'll note that they'll have to bend down to eat with their face almost touching the ground. It's an unnatural position that forces food to travel upwards and that poses a risk of it becoming trapped in the esophagus.

So where should you place the best cat food if not in a normal bowl on the floor? Well, anti-vomit bowls – or elevated cat feeders to give them another name – are raised off the ground. They allow your cat to eat with their neck in a more natural position so that they're not fighting against gravity. Although they won't work in every case, they should reduce the number of times you're having to clean up stinky cat sick and they'll make for a more pleasurable experience for your kitty too.

But that's not all. An elevated cat feeder can also reduce mess, particularly from the best wet cat food. You can also find them in various different shapes and sizes so you should be able to pinpoint one to suit. Here we take a look at some of the best anti-vomit bowls on the market.

PetsRadar's pick of the best anti-vomit bowls for cats

  • Best overall anti-vomit bowl for cats: Y YHY Cat Bowl Anti Vomiting
  • Best budget anti-vomit bowl for cats: Kitty City Raised Cat Food Bowl Collection
  • Best double set anti-vomit bowl for cats: Legendog 15°Tilted Cat Food Bowl
  • Best 30 degree anti-vomit bowl for cats: Peto Cat Dog Bowl Raised Cat Food Water Bowl
  • Best ceramic set of anti-vomit bowls for cats: FUKUMARU Elevated Cat Ceramic Bowls
  • Best small anti-vomit bowl for cats: Companet Cat Dog Automatic Water and Food Bowls

Best anti-vomit bowl for catsBest buy award

(Image credit: Y YHY)

Y YHY Cat Bowl Anti Vomiting

Best overall anti-vomit bowl for cats

Material: Ceramic | Color: White | Weight: 1.81 pounds | Capacity: 5oz

Two sizes
Stable design
Not adjustable

No cat owner wants to be cleaning up cat vomit if they can help it. So any bowl that can sort out the problem is a big plus. This ceramic pet-safe bowl from Y YHY is a simple straightforward solution for kittens and most cats. It follows the elevated bowl design that is popular with the vast majority of anti-vomit bowls for cats. 

The integrated design features a tilted bowl that pushes the food towards the bottom, making it easy for your fur friend to eat the contents and help with their digestion. Ideal for most cats, it can also be used as a water bowl, just make sure you refill it regularly. The wide base provides a stable stand for the bowl and ensures it won’t tip over and get food – or water – everywhere. 

The Y YHY bowl comes in two sizes making it suitable for kittens, cats, and even puppies if you have a shared pet home. The smaller 5-inch bowl sits two inches off the ground at the front and 3.6 inches at the back giving a natural neck position for easy eating. Plenty of room for a portion of food for a smaller cat or kitten. 

The large 7.2-inch bowl follows very much the same pattern as its smaller companion but it’s further off the floor and has a bigger capacity, room enough for one big portion that should easily last the day. It sits 3.3 inches off the ground at the front and 5.1 inches at the back. 

Both sizes are easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, and come in a serene Lake Blue or contemporary grey as well as white – perfect for every home and decor.

Best anti-vomit bowl for catsPets Radar Approved Award

(Image credit: Kitty City)

Kitty City Raised Cat Food Bowl Collection

Best budget anti-vomit bowl for cats

Material: Plastic | Color: Grey | Weight: 0.24 pounds | Capacity: 6.5oz

Two bowls
No slip mat

On the lookout for a basic raised bowl set that won’t break the bank? Then this two-piece set could be just the ticket. It’s inexpensive and is a great starting point, especially if you’ve never ventured into the world of anti-vomit bowls for cats before. If it doesn’t work for your feline friend then you won’t have spent a fortune. 

So what’s included in the basic set? You get two molded pet-safe plastic bowls that are lightweight thanks to their hollow base. The modern pedestal design comes in two contemporary colors – white and grey – and holds 6.5oz which will be more than enough to provide food and water for most cats. The oval design is whisker-friendly and angled so that the front of the bowl gives easy access to your kitty cat. 

If your furkid is feeling extra hungry you could even fill both bowls with cat food and when one is empty, clean and fill with water. The bowl’s material makes them easy to clean. A quick wash in the warm soapy water in the sink will do the job, but they are dishwasher safe, so you can simply pop them in the top rack for a sparkling clean and germ-free finish. 

The downside to the standalone bowls is they aren’t non-slip and food and water can spill onto the floor. You can deal with these problems with an upgrade to include an 8 x 10 75 inches non-skid mat. And with raised edges, any spills will struggle to reach the floor. Happy cat, clean floor – what more could you want?

Best anti-vomit bowl for catsPets Radar Approved Award

(Image credit: Legendog)

Legendog 15°Tilted Cat Food Bowl

Best double set anti-vomit bowl for cats

Material: Plastic | Color: Black, White, Transparent | Weight: 1.21 pounds | Capacity: 5.1-inch bowl

Decent capacity
Cute design
Food scoop accessory
Not dishwasher-safe

If you are on the lookout for a sturdy double bowl design to help with your furkid’s vomiting issue, then this set from Legendog is definitely one to consider. The two bowl approach means you can add double the amount of cat food – ideal if you have two or more cats. Or if you have a single cat it can be fed and watered at the same time. A neat touch is the inclusion of a one-portion food scoop with a handle that doubles up as a clip to keep your cat food bag tightly closed and helps keep the food fresh.

The deep 5.1 inches bowls – made of environmentally friendly food-grade plastic – are designed with cute cat ears and come in black or clear. Choose whatever suits your surroundings. Both sit on top of a comfort-inducing 2.5-inch plastic base, which offers a little bounce when your fur friend is eating. 

But don’t worry, the bowls aren't going anywhere, the holders are designed with small raised edges which smartly grip the bowl and keep it in place. And they help keep the noise down while your cat’s eating too. They also allow you to set the best eating angle whether your cat is small, medium, or large. For further peace of mind, and to add extra stability to the feeder there are a set of anti-skid rubbers on each corner of the base. This goes a long way to stopping your cat from overturning the base and bowls and making a mess everywhere. 

Finally, the feeder’s design means that it is easy to clean, but there’s no mention of it being dishwasher-safe. Take each part and clean with warm soapy water and leave to air dry for a longer-lasting feeder.

Best anti-vomit bowl for catsPets Radar Approved Award

(Image credit: UPSKY)

Peto Cat Dog Bowl Raised Cat Food Water Bowl

Best 30 degree anti-vomit bowl for cats

Material: Melamine | Color: White, Blue, Pink, Black | Weight: 1.48 pounds | Capacity: 5.5-inch wide bowl

Simple, clean, design
Dishwasher safe
Up to 30-degree tilt
Flimsy magnet

This elevated cat feeder is a little different from the rest you’ll read about in this guide. Sure, it sits in a frame that raises it 2.5 inches off the ground, nothing new there, but the single bowl can tilt up to 30 degrees rather than the more standard 15 degrees. This means you can customize the bowl angle to one that will keep your fur friends happiest. And it makes the bowl a more suitable choice for different size cats. Kittens and small cats can stick with a deep angle for easy access, but it can be maneuvered to a shallower angle for larger cats. 

So how does it manage to stay in place when sitting at 30 degrees? Magnets. The base and bowl join together in whatever position you want when you lower the bowl into the frame. The magnets will help stop your kitty cat from overturning the bowl and four non-slip mats on the base help keep the Peto in place. 

But be warned the manufacturer does say not to use too much force when using and cleaning the bowl to prevent the magnet at the bottom from falling off. You can always use super strength glue to put it back on if needed. You can throw the bowl in the dishwasher to keep it germ-free - but this can have an effect on the magnet - but don’t put it in the microwave, it’s not built for that. 

Made from food-grade melamine the 5.5-inch bowls are perfectly sized for a decent size portion of cat food. While the bowl is non-toxic, tasteless, and pet-safe, it might cause a reaction in a very small number of cats. 

Best anti-vomit bowl for catsPets Radar Approved Award

(Image credit: FUKUMARU)

FUKUMARU Elevated Cat Ceramic Bowls

Best ceramic set of anti-vomit bowls for cats

Material: Ceramic, Bamboo | Color: White | Weight: 2.09 pounds | Capacity: 9oz

9oz capacity
Food grade ceramic bowls
Self assemble

When looking for an anti-vomit bowl for your cat you want something that is safe and practical for your fur friend. But, how about something that looks good in your home at the same time? Well, this is exactly what you get with this stylish two-bowl feeder design from Fukumaru. 

A black metal frame is combined with a stylish bamboo holder and a couple of white food-grade ceramic bowls. Be warned you will need to assemble the feeder, but don’t panic because assembly is really simple and quick. A packet of screws is included so you just need a screwdriver and a spare minute or two to put it together.

The bamboo bowl holder stands 3.7 inches off the ground at the front and adds another 1.2 inches at the back creating an ideal 15-degree angle for the bowls. The combination of height and angle is a great eating position, especially for average-sized cats, but still suitable for kittens and larger cats thanks to its 9oz bowl capacity. So if your kitty likes a big portion of its favorite food then these 1.7-inch deep bowls provide enough room to keep them happy and well-fed. 

You won’t be able to get quite as much water in the bowl due to the tilt of the frame, so make sure not to overfill. The bamboo holder is durable and strong and is coated with varnish to help waterproof it, but the less water it sees the better. While the bowls are easy to clean and dishwasher safe, don’t put the bamboo in the dishwasher. If you do it won’t last long, just give it a wipe and keep it dry as much as possible. 

Best anti-vomit bowl for catsPets Radar Approved Award

(Image credit: Companet)

Companet Cat Dog Automatic Water and Food Bowls

Best small anti-vomit bowl for cats

Material: Plastic | Color: White | Weight: 14oz | Capacity: n/a

Adjustable tilted bowl
Bowl and water bottle
Easy to clean design
Small cats only

This double cat bowl set not only helps with your cat’s vomiting issues but also provides a complete solution for your cat’s feeding needs with its 2 in 1 feeder bowl design. The set brings together a fun and cute cat ear-shaped food bowl and an automatic water feeder. Both are part of a raised stand design that stands 2.5 inches off the ground meaning that your pet kitty cat will be able to stand/crouch in a far more comfortable position when eating. Plus, it relieves pressure on your cat’s neck when eating. 

To complement the raised stand the feeding bowl is adjustable and can be comfortably tilted up to 15 degrees to help create a more bespoke position for your cat. The bowl doesn’t have a large capacity and will only hold one average portion at a time. 

Made from eco-friendly non-toxic pet-safe food-grade plastic the bowl and stand are accompanied by a 20oz water bottle. This is attached to the stand which makes it easy to add water to the bowl. You won’t get much in the bowl, but enough for a small cat – and it is easy to refill. It’s worth pointing out that the distance between the water and food bowl is narrow, so it’s easy for food to end up in the water. But a big plus is that the feeder is designed as separate components making it easy to clean and stay germ-free. 

How to choose the best anti-vomit bowl for cats

The best anti-vomit bowl for your cat will depend on several factors. The first is height and size. The purpose of an anti-vomit bowl is to raise the feeding bowl off the floor into a more natural position for your pet. So the bigger your cat the higher the bowl will need to be. 

Measure your cat’s front legs with their neck in a natural position to give you a rough idea of what you need. If it’s three or four inches an anti-vomit bowl that sits around 2.5 to 3 inches off the ground  – a common size –  will do the job perfectly well. But if you have a larger cat you’ll need a bowl further from the ground. For multi-cat households, you might want to look at double sets with accompanying stands. Make sure that have a sturdy base so they don’t get tipped over and make a mess. 

The bowl size is important, especially if you have a hungry cat and you don’t want to be refilling it more than once a day. A 5-inch bowl with a capacity of five or six ounces is usually adequate for an average cat, But, try a 7-inch bowl if you have a cat that likes to eat. Also, consider the tilt angle. Zero to fifteen degrees is the norm, but you can get up to 30 degrees if your cat needs it. 

Make sure any bowl you purchase is durable and easy to clean. Ideally, a cat feeder that is made up of separate parts and is dishwasher-friendly is a great choice to ensure that the bowl stays clean and germ-free. Finally, a word of warning if your cat is vomiting every day or on a regular basis: an anti-vomit bowl might help, but if it doesn’t, contact your vet immediately and get a professional opinion.